Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's funny how toddlers can go from this...
... to this...
... and then this... all within 30 seconds.
Always good for a smile & giggle.
the snail who decided to take up residence in my herb garden.
haven't decided if he is a friend or foe to my herbs,
but we enjoyed taking a million pictures of the brave little dude.
hello dinner!
Audrey offering Claudia a sip as we set out on a wagon ride.
more mudbugs. delicious!
sweet Audrey Claire
everyone enjoying some bugs
Don, Tanney & Rusty
Now that its Memorial Day, I think I can officially say that summer is here. We had a busy, fun weekend with friends and family... too bad I can't take tomorrow off, because I'm completely wiped out. On Saturday morning, we went to Wabash Seed & Feed (post to follow, because that place is absolutely crazy) where I got stuff to make an herb garden. I'm pretty excited about this herb garden, so I'll post on that soon. Later that day, we headed over to the McGraw's house for a crawfish boil. It was our first crawfish all season so we were practically foaming at the mouth for those little guys. Needless to say, the mudbugs did not disappoint. We ate a ton. We're erring on the side of caution and keeping Claudia off bugs until she is three. Don't want to find out the hard way if she is allergic.
On Sunday afternoon Claudia had a playdate with her little boyfriend from Creme, Jacob... who is the sweetest little man I've ever encountered. He looks a little like Claudia... bald head, big eyes. They look pretty cute together & they place nice, so it was a fun afternoon. The only hitch is that Claudia gets a little territorial with her toys when her friends come over. We're working on that one. =)
On Monday we went to Gram & Grandpa's house where we had some awesome grilled burgers & brauts. Mom did a great job. My pics from today are still on the camera and I'm too lazy to hunt it down & load them. So, I promise to post those later too. Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day. I will sign off with a salute to all the American soldiers who lost their lives serving our country. God bless you all!

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