Monday, September 28, 2009

Russell's birthday... for real this time!

Today we celebrated Russell's birthday by going to Candelari's. Claudia was a perfect little angel. She sat in her chair, played with her toys and checked everyone out in the restaurant. When we came back to the house we had some (more) birthday cake. This time key lime pie cake & chocolate with chocolate chip cake. Thanks again Mom & Vernon ... they were delicious! Happy birthday, Russell! We love you SO MUCH!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Russell!

Today we celebrated Russell's birthday. It's actually tomorrow, but we figured we'd get a jump start! First Aunt T came over. CC had a great time squeezing her nose and cheeks and taking her glasses off. Next Gram & Grandpa came over. We had Russell's favorite chicken wings, watched the Texans (lose) and then had some chocolate cake made by Gram. It was all deelish! Claudia even helped Daddy Ruh blow out his candles. What a happy birthday eve!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're off to Roundtop!

Yesterday Aunt T came in from Baton Rouge so Mom, T & I could go on our semiannual trip to Roundtop, Texas for the antique festival. We hit up our favorite spots and found a few good finds. I found a little table for our porch and Mom found some little silver angel pendants. Aunt T found a mirror, but actually discovered it in Old Town Spring yesterday. It was a great trip!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun weekend!

This weekend was so much fun. My cousin Staci celebrated her graduation and Memaw was in town for the party. Claudia was so excited to see Memaw& show off her tooth. If you look close you can see it. We're pretty sure there is another coming in. She can't stop chewing on her hand! Claudia is being as tough as she can be, but we can tell it hurts pretty bad. I'll post another pic once the other comes in!

Congrats, Staci!

Last night was Staci's graduation party. We had so much fun, even though Russell & Claudia had to stay at home. It was past CC's bedtime, after all! Staci just graduated from North Texas University and is now off to Washington D.C. to start her internship with the F.D.A. Congrats to Staci!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first blog entry!

Tummy time! Claudia is getting pretty good at rolling over, scooting and keeping herself lifted up. Here she is getting some tummy time in. She loves sticking that tongue out at mommy!

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