Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things She Sewed for Those She Loved

when we layed the blankets out,
she immediately got comfy.
She wrapped herself in this blanket,
which Russell's cousin Kristy saved and gave to us.
From the looks of the blanket,
you can tell Kristy loved this blankets lots!

She also started to take a nap on the blankets ... poor thing.
Each blanket was stitched with love... and it shows!

Last week we received a letter in the mail from Russell's Aunt Sandra. It was a letter which truly touched our hearts. It was a letter about Russell's beautiful mother, Linda, who passed away when Russell was young. Aunt Sandra also enclosed another letter. This letter was written on January 12, 1983 and it was from Linda to Sandra. Aunt Sandra saved the letter because it was a beautiful and sweet letter worth saving ... and eventually giving to Russell. The letter reminded me of some other beautiful things that others have saved from Linda. Although I never had the honor of meeting this beautiful and caring woman, I have had the pleasure of receiving many beautiful blankets that she had sewed for those she loved. When Claudia was born, several people gave me these blankets, which filled all of our hearts with love. Although Claudia will never meet her Grandmother Linda in this world, she will get to snuggle with all the blankets she made. Here are some pictures of Claudia (who still fighting this nasty cold) snuggling and playing in the beautiful blankets her Grandmother Linda made.

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