Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary ... that makes 3!

the McLendons!
cutting a rug. Russell, thanks for remembering all the steps!

So happy!

This past Wednesday was our third wedding anniversary! We went out to celebrate last night and had a wonderful dinner at a new restaraunt called Textile. It's called Textile because it opened up in an old textile warehouse. It was a very different dining experience. There are only about 8 tables in the place and they have 2 fixed course menus to chose from. But the food was delicious & I had the BEST dessert ever... sweet potatoe beignets & bacon icecream. Yes, I said bacon icecream. Absolutely delicious.

Russell & I reflected on the past three wonderful years & on our biggest & most rewarding accomplishment... Claudia. I have been chained to my computer for the past week, night & day, drafting briefs for an upcoming trial, so it was very nice to have a night on the town. Big thanks to Gram & Grandpa for takinig care of the wee one last night. Here are some pics from the big nights of memories Russell & I remember fondly. Thanks for all the good times & great memories, honey. I love you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gram!

CC and Grandpa
Gram doing her best to get a giggle out of CC
the birthday girl

Today is Gram's 53rd birthday! To celebrate, we had a celebratory lunch yesterday with chicken parm & some chocolate cake. I think Gram's favorite part of the day was playing with CC. Claudia gave her lots of hugs & kisses. After lunch, we watched the Saints win their 8th straight game. It was a little too close... barely beating the Rams is not a great thing, but a W is a W. And 9-0 makes this a Saints record. Gram liked her surprise from me & Rusty... a trip to Pinot & Picasso. We can't wait to go & create some art & drink some wine. Happy birthday, Gram.... you don't look a day past 50! =) Love you.

Why sit when you can stand?

CC has been standing with the assistance of the couch for the past week or so. But on Friday, CC pulled her self up from a sit to a stand. Her motivation to stand? Her favorite pumpkin-basketball. We placed it on the couch cushion and sure enough, she pulled herself up to get it. We were so excited ... and from her face in these pics, you can see she was pretty proud herself. Yay Claudia!

OMG, its the OGGs!

Claudreymax... posing (er, being posed) for a pic
Maxie smashing his little cake
the babies all making a rush for the book
Jessie & Liz hold the babes... Max has a pound or two on the girls
Yay! Its the Oggs!

This weekend the Oggs came to town & it was the best weekend ever. We got to see how big Max has gotten and he showed us all his new tricks. He can walk (with little to no assistance), he can talk and he already has a little sense of humor. When we were taking a picture, he said "cheese!" It was adorable. Maxie doesn't turn one until December 29th, but we decided to celebrate a little early with cake and presents on Sunday because Max will celebrate his big day at home in Pennsylvania. We had a great time visiting with the Oggs and can't wait to go visit them in Baton Rouge. Also, Liz, Jessie & I had a girls' night out on Saturday. Yay! (see below)

ladies night!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


CC's in bed... and I'm off to the golf course!

My firm golf tournament will be April 16th (3 days after CC's first birthday!) and I am determined to play in it this year. Sadly, I haven't swung a club in over three years, so I've got some practicing to do. Tonight I met Tiffany (another associate at my firm) at the driving range & we hit some balls. The first few swings were nothing but air, but I finally got back into the swing of things. There's your pun for the day. Hopefully, will some practice, & maybe some lessons for the woods, I will be ready for the tournament. Also, big thanks to Daddy Russell for taking care of house this evening after we put down CC... you're the best!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winston's New Best Friend

Claudia discovered Winston several months ago, but has never known what to make of him. Today she decided she very much wants to be his new best friend & took off after him. She is not quite crawling yet, but rather pulling herself forward with her arms, then scooting her tummy along the ground, kicking her legs behind her. Once she figures out how to move the legs and arms together, Winston is in for some trouble. For now, he can still out run her. Good luck, Winston!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Wedding in Dallas

Katie & Sean dancing their way to the reception
Traci, Amy (& Claire!), Carla, me & Sarah
Russell & me
Amanda & me

This past weekend Russell & I took a trip to Dallas to see our close friend Katie Bacon get married to Sean Ewell. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so much fun getting to see everyone. We decided to let CC stay behind and spend the night with Gram & Grandpa... and she, of course, had a great time. Russell & I, however, had some difficulties getting home to our little sweetie pie, though. On the way to the airport, we got in a fender bender when some crazy driver backed up at a toll booth, forgot to take his car out of reverse, gassed it to go forward, but instead came flying back & smashed into Amanda's Mini Cooper. Luckily, we got to the airport on time... or so we thought. We got through all the security check points & were sitting at the gate when we realized we were at the wrong airport! We jumped in a taxi & sped across town, only to miss our plane by a matter of minutes. We watched it taxi & then fly off. Luckily, we got on a stand-by flight a few hours later & made it back to CC. We definitely owe Gram & Grandpa for taking such great care of our little angel. It was a great weekend, but we are glad to be back home!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Word ... Mama!

Memaw feeding CC her "bababa"
CC smiling at her new best friend, Uncle Kyle
All smiles after saying her first word!
CC looking very fair in comparison to super tan Uncle Kyle
Gotcha! CC gets her mits in Aunt Mandi's hair

Today was a very special day, people! Claudia said her first word, "Mama!" We were all over at Aunt Debbie & Uncle Matthew's to have dinner & celebrate Kyle being in from Hawaii and Claudia was being very chatty. She started repeating us when we said "ba ba ba." We were so excited! Then when we were eating dinner, she said "mama." Just Aunt Debbie & I heard her say it that time. Then later when Mandi was holding her, she said it again... only this time she said "Mamamama!" It was so exciting! CC, Mama loves you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Claudia and Curious

Claudia became quite captivated with the Curious George doll in Pouponnière 6, so we got her one to play with at home when she moved to Pouponnière 1. They are great friends and have many things in common... two arms, two legs, face, and approximately 24 inches in height. Here is a video of Claudia scooting her way to Curious!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


happy girl, cheering for the Saints
CC, putting her game face on

Although CC didn't stay up to watch the game, she did get some cheering in last night for the Saints, pre-game. We are so excited that the Saints are 7-0! What a season this is shaping up to be. We are also excited that the Texans had a good win this weekend as well. CC doesn't watch the games, but she knows when something exciting is going on... and she can definitely tell that "her teams" are on a roll! Go Saints & go Texans!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby's First Halloween

Grandpa gives CC her first Halloween candy
Boo! CC looks like she just saw a ghost!
Mom, CC & I hit the road for treats... no tricks!

Me cutting into Mom's pumpkin cake
CC with mommy, daddy & spidey!
CC shows Grandpa her caterpillar smirk
CC and Uncle Matthew enjoying the Georgia / Florida game
Aunt Debbie gives CC her pumpkin teddy
the wee caterpiller showing off her costume to Aunt Debbie

Yesterday was Claudia's first Halloween & I have to say, she had a blast! After the pumpkin patch the whole McLendon family took a long nap and then went to Aunt Debbie & Uncle Matthew's. Aunt Debbie had a special Halloween surprise for CC... a cute little bear in a pumpkin costume. It was a hit... CC loves him! We even Skyped for the first time so Staci & the Heinz family in D.C. could see CC in her little caterpillar costume. After that we went to Gram & Grandpa's for some trick or treating! Gram & Grandpa live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating and all the neighbors had a party for the kids. All the big kids rode around the neighborhood in a little spooky little Halloween wagon. CC was too little this year for the wagon, but we think she'll be ready next year! In the mean time, she had fun looking at all the big kids and watching them play. CC got lots of great candy, read Halloween stories and had a blast playing with Gram and Grandpa. Baby's first Halloween was the best!

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

holding hands in the pumpkin patch
having fun inspecting pumpkins
our little pumpkin

Yesterday we took Claudia to the St. Luke's Pumpkin Patch with the McGraws. Claudia and Audrey seemed to have fun inspecting, licking and hugging the pumpkins. It was the perfect way to start off the day! Although it was the last day of the patch, they still had lots of pumpkins and weird looking gourds. Claudia and Audrey are a month apart so the girls are about the same size and development. Audrey teaches Claudia new tricks like baby babbling! We had so much fun watching our little pumpkins play together!
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