Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Wabash Feed Store & Herb Garden in a Pot!

some of the sweet ducks & ducklings at the Wabash Feed Store
and the hens & Roosters... not quite as cute
Look who is front facing now!
That made a huge difference
the Wabash Feed Store... full of so much cool stuff This is what pure delight looks like.
She was checking out the bunnies.
We made the acquaintance of Lucy Goosey
CC going over something important with Lucy Goosey
more stuff to see at the Wabash Feed Store
Me, the C & the herbs
my herbs in a pot!

I could share with you pictures of all the dead plants that live at our house... the dead camelia in the backyard, the dying fern by the door, the dried up petunia thing in the little courtyard leading to our door... but I'll spare you. The sad truth is that plants typically come to our house to die. But these herbs are different... I can feel it! On Saturday, Daddy, CC & I moseyed over to the Wabash Feed Store on Washington. It's right across the street from El Tiempo and it is pretty awesome. It is an authentic feed store, complete with all kinds of animals... bunnies, roosters, ducks, hens, geese... they even had a miniature horse on Saturday... but he was sold. Claudia had fun chatting up all these fun animals.
They also have some excellent plants, all organically grown. We selected several herbs, including thyme, basil, chives, oregano, rosemary and parsley. We brought them home and planted them in a big pot in the backyard in some good Vortex potting soil. Claudia even helped me water them. I was inspired to do this because I don't like buying large quantities of a fresh herb only to use a tablespoon worth for a recipe... but I still want to use fresh herbs every now and then. This was my solution! Check back in a few weeks to see if they are still alive! If they are not... it is probably due to the Houston heat & nothing more. =)
In other news... Claudia's Olivia DVD arrived in the mail today...
She was thrilled! We are officially ready for our road trip to Mer Rouge now.

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