Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Express Yourself!

err, frustrated!
ticked pink again!
argh, I don't think so!
hehe... almost got my feet
I'm lost in thought...
about when my next feeding is coming
oooh, I feel so wise!

The many faces of Claudia... each one cuter than the last.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny Face

This picture... taken before we went over to Matthew & Debbie's for dinner... is posted simply because Claudia is making a perfect froggy face, while wearing a froggy romper. Sorry kid, you do in deed look a froggy. A beautiful froggy, but a froggy nonetheless. I love you, froggy!

First Road Trip!

a little fussy for the pics, but otherwise, an angel
riding dirty (diaper)
so excited she couldn't contain herself
aside from putting the sunnies on her...
this pic is NOT posed
taking a snooze upon arrival in Mer Rouge.
the excitement of the sprawling metropolis proved too much.
three generations of McLendons
Angie meets CC
Reunited at last!
Crazy that Angie moved such a short distance from Russell's hometown
everyone getting a glimpse of CC
Russell & Greg
Aunt Daina and Briley admire CC
everyone loves sweet C
Kelly holding Claudia
Jessica, Blair & Sam
mommy & C
my sweetie
the Village of Mer Rouge welcomes you!
Daddy daughter diaper change
It's a success!
Daddy showing Claudia his boyhood room
the Bop showing love to Daddy on his first Daddy's Day
mmm... country cream!
Baby's first country cream
Claudia meets Aunt Josie why I love Memaw's
beautiful green pastures & the horsies!
the sleeping baby... so precious
and we're back to Houston

Here are some fun pictures from Claudia's first road trip. We embarked on a long and successful journey to Louisiana! The land of grand & greatgrandparents, Country Cream cones & burgers, & cotton fields as far as the eye can see. We ventured out to mark the occasion of Claudia's Christening, Russell's first Father's Day and the Annual Harp Family Reunion. It was an amazing trip and Claudia was a little road warrior... sleeping in the car, practically the whole way there and back. The reunion was fantastic and getting to visit with Memaw and Aunt Josie in Shreveport was the cherry on top of a sundae of a weekend. The trip was memorable and it was very special feeling to show off our little CC to all our friends and family.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy First Daddy's Day!

Claudia snuggling with Daddy
hehe. yes, its not my day, but this pic is too funny.
smooshes to Daddy
It was all C-bop's idea!

We were in Mer Rouge for Russell's first father's day... at Claudia's Christening... but when we got back to Houston we got Daddy-O a nitce icecream cake from Ben & Jerry's. It had all of Daddy's favorite icecreams & toppings and even had a nice little greeting in syrup on top. I think it turned out quite nice. It tasted good too. Gone in two days. Gone. Yum.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Claudia's Christening

snoozing before the show
the beautiful Christening gown,
made of dupioni silk... gorgeous!
Claudia smiling at Great Grandma McLendon
getting a snack at the Christening
Claudia waving to the camera...
four generations of McLendons!
proud Mama & Daddy...
oops, CC's bonnet is covering her little eyes.
Sorry Bop!
Aunt Jerelyn serving up the punch
Grandaddy & Mama Kate inspecting the Bop
Aunt Ginger & Aunt Jerelyn witnessing the Baptismal Certificate
Mama Kate admiring beautiful Claudia
Memaw holding CC
closeup of the sleeping princess...
look at the beautiful bracelet from Mama Kate & Grandaddy
Aunt Gin, cousin Blair & Russell with Claudia
Aunt Daina, Russell & CC
Cousins Karen & Katie with Claudia
proud papa
Cousin Karen & Aunt Lisa admiring CC
Cousin Karen & Claudia... still snoozing!
Uncle Otis!!
proud parents
Christening the Bop

On June 19, 2010 Claudia had her Christening at the Oak Ridge United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge, Louisiana. I'll blog all about the rest of the weekend later, but this post is reserved for discussion of the beautiful Christening and reception we had for our beautiful baby girl. All the McLendons were there for the celebration... Great Grandpa and Great Grandma McLendon, Grandaddy & Mama Kate, Aunt Jerelyn, Aunt Ginger & Uncle Jimmy. There were lots of Harps there too... Aunt Daina, cousin Karen, Katie, Claudia's favorite new friend, Briley, Uncle James, Aunt Lisa, cousins Dillon & Drake. Memaw also made it in from Shreveport! We were joined by lots more friends and family and had a fabulous day.

Aunt Jerelyn did all of the beautiful flower arrangements and Aunt Ginger and Uncle Jimmy helped serve all of the wonderful foods and the beautiful cake. The little Bop received the most beautiful gifts, including a little white Bible, engraved with her name, from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, a beautiful pearl bracelet with a silver cross on it and also a little gold cross ring from Mama Kate and Grandaddy, a sterling silver paci clip from Mama Kate's sister, Mary, who owns a beautiful antique store in Monroe, a sterling silver Christening cup from Aunt Daina, engraved with Claudia's initials and her Christening date, and lots, lots more beautiful things.

The most beautiful gifts were several blankets that Aunt Daina and Aunt Lisa had saved. The blankets were made by Russell's mother, Linda, who passed away when Russell was a little boy. She was a beautiful, caring woman who made blankets for all the babies she loved. Giving Claudia these blankets is like giving a little piece of Grandma Linda to Claudia. She can hold and love those blankets and know that Grandma Linda stitched each with love and attention.

The Christening was beautiful. The sermon, held on Father's Day (Russell's first) was about being a good father. I think Russell really enjoyed it. The music was also great and we were treated to a soloist and very talented organist. The whole day was very special and I thank the McLendons so much for planning such a beautiful day for our beautiful baby girl.

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