Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Path of Destruction

destroying the bathroom....
.... cause it made her feel good.
Then she climbed up inside her kitchen cabinet...
and pulled out all her pots.
I came out of the bathroom to find this happening.
my grill master
I just thought this pic was cool.
Winston making an escape from the quarantine madness

We are hoping that Claudia is finally on the path to recovery after about 3 weeks of colds, sinus infections and ear infections. We paid another visit to Dr. Ho on Monday to find out she has another ear infection, which we are treating with some antibiotics. Thankfully, she is taking the medicine... we think she knows it helps, so she is more willing now. We were under quarantine all weekend, so nothing fun to report. On Sunday night C-bop started to feel a little better so Daddy fired up the grill and made hamburgers.

Ladies and gentleman.... Claudia likes cheeseburgers. She took a big bite of Mommy's burger. Not only does she have good taste (preferring Daddy's burgers), but she is also getting her apetite back. Here are some pictures from her tearing apart the kitchen and the bathroom this weekend on Monday morning before her appointment. When she feels as lousy and cranky as she has, we let her do whatever she feels. Hopefully she will be feeling better for this weekend.

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  1. These pics are so funny. This week, Jackson found (and tried to eat) toilet paper. And, he is also into all the kitchen cabintest like CC. Isn't it funny how they do exactly the same things! Of course, one last thing, cheeseburgers. Jackson had one on his birthday and he LOVED it. Then again, who doesn't?!?


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