Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singing for Daddy

what would you like to hear?
my greatest hits?
coming right up!
CC and her biggest fan, Daddy

Here is CC singing into the microphone on her little Baby Rock Band. Daddy is a big fan and always has several requests. As you know, she can really hit the high notes and is always ready to entertain. Rock out CC!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sippy Cup for CC

CC & her sippy cup ... sorry, it keeps turning!
side view
another side view... so funny
no sippy cup, she's just havin' fun!

Claudia has discovered that she can get a lot more out of her sippy cup if she lies down on her back and tilts the cup up. The problem with these sippy cups is that they are so leak proof that it's pretty hard to get anything out of them. I've got to hand it to Claudia, she's figured out how to make it work. She's pretty funny to watch... just hand her the sippy cup and watch her go to town getting that water out. Good job, CC!


Here's a pic of Claudia and Audrey dressed up for the Saints game... they didn't see much of the game, but they heard everyone cheering. They are very excited that their beloved Saints are going to the Super Bowl! I still can't believe that the Saints are Super Bowl bound. Who dat?!

Dinner at Jaanya's!

Jaanya & Claudia
CC & the Chowdhary fam
Claudia and Jaanya rolling the ball

This weekend we went to Raj & Delana's new house where we had a delicious dinner and the girls got some good play time in. The girls are only two days apart and we have missed the Chowdhary fam so much since they moved from next door! Jaanya had the coolest dinosaur toy that was filled with balls. Claudia loved playing with all the balls. Most of all, the girls enjoyed playing together and sharing a few hugs and kisses!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eew, gross ... give me another bite!

finally... give me a bite!
eew, I don't like it, Mommy!
...oh, its horrible!
Well, its not that bad...I'd like some more now.

Last night I was eating a grape juice popsicle... Claudia was very insistent that I share. After several grabs at the popsicle, I let her have a taste. She seemed pretty repulsed by it... but of course went back for about five more tastes. It was a fruit juice popsicle, but it is still laden with sugar, so we only let her have a few licks. Here are some pictures of C.C. enjoying her first popsicle!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rock the Mic!

CC on her little car

toot toot!

CC singing into the microphone

Here are some pics of CC playing with some of her favorite Christmas toys. She has the most fun playing with her blocks and her glow worm, but she also has a lot of fun with her Baby Rock Band, which includes a drum, a guitar, a keyboard and a microphone. She also likes to sit on her little car. She hasn't figured out how to make it go, but we think that will come soon. Till then, she likes to sit on it and have Mommy & Daddy push her around.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

lunch at El Tiempo
Kelly giving kisses to CC

This weekend Daddy went on guys' trip to Toledo Bend in Louisiana, but that did not stop CC and I from having lots of fun! On Saturday we visited with Kelly and Lawrence, who were in town from Jackson to see a Chorus Line. We had a fun lunch at El Tiempo together before they went to the show. Next we went to Gram and Grandpa's to watch the Saints game. We could not have been thrilled to see such a large margin of victory! Go Saints!! CC was wearing her lucky Saints gear... she got lots of shout outs everywhere she went on Saturday.

On Sunday we came back from Gram and Grandpa's and CC spent the afternoon with Aunt Debbie, having lots of fun bouncing! When Daddy picked her up, she was having so much fun she did not want to leave! When CC was playing at Aunt Debbie's, Mommy went and made some pottery with Jessie and Kelly. We pick up our glazed and baked pottery on Thursday, so I will post pictures when its ready! It was a great girls' weekend, but we are so glad Daddy is home!

It wont be long...

trying to stand without support
... about the plop down
pushing to a stand with the help of her drum
sharing a laugh with Gram

Claudia has mastered the pull-up and now she has started pushing up from a stand. She will either push off the floor or a toy to stand up. She tries to stand without assistance, but hasn't quite got that part down yet. Everyone keeps saying "it wont be long till..." she's standing, walking, running... so we are just enjoying watching this milestone. In the mean time, we have been baby proofing the house with baby gates and baby locks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nine Month Check Up

CC and Dr. Ho

Today was Claudia's Nine Month Check Up! Luckily, there was only one shot, the H1N1 booster and a heel prick to test for lead and iron levels. I had never heard of the lead and iron testing, but apparently, this is routine. She only cried for about 30 seconds for the flu booster and didn't even notice the heel prick. She was very brave! She is also getting very big. She is 17 pounds, 11 oz, which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight. She is 27 inches, which puts her in the 50th percentile for height. And her head is measuring in the 90th percentile. Dr. Ho says all her nutrition must be going to support her super brain! CC nodded in agreement to this. I just can't believe that she is already nine months old!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little cubbie

Gram is probably not going to like this, because she is a die hard Astros fan, but I promised Rachie I would post some pics of CC in the Cubs onesie she gave her for Christmas. CC isn't quite sure who she wants to cheer for just yet, but she definitely loves to play ball. We can't wait for baseball season. We may even take her to a game this season ... perhaps when the Cubs come play the Astros!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

CC, ringing in the new year in her party hat
me, enjoying all the traditional New Year foods... love those peas & cornbread!
CC helping prepare the cabbage in the kitchen
bye bye 2009!

The McLendons didn't quite make it till midnight, but we had a great time celebrating New Years Eve with Gram and Grandpa. CC saw her first sparklers and luckily slept through all of the fireworks. On New Years Day we ate all the traditional foods... black eyed peas, cabbage, spinach, smoked sausage & cornbread. It was absolutely delicious! The LSU game was not nearly so eventful. Another disappointing loss has left us a little down, but anxious for a better season in 2010. In the mean time, we will be enjoying 2010!
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