Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Claudia Being Claudia

Sweet Claudia.  The girl loves to play dress up.

She's got quite the imagination these days.  In addition to English, she speaks all sorts of gibberish languages.  She has also invented pretend animals and pets.  My sweet girl has come up with all kinds of make believe games.  Dress up is still her favorite game, though.

Last week, at a birthday party, Claudia spent about half an hour giving hugs to this puppy attached to a bouncy house.  She's pretty cuddly herself.

She didn't want cake.  Just wanted to cuddle with the puppy.
And thank goodness for rainy days.  Puddles.  Nature's best toy.
Thankfully, most of the mud came out of this outfit.  Every minute spent scrubbing was well worth it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bop and Paddy

Sometimes Claudia wants nothing to do with Paddy.  Sometimes Paddy is deathly afraid of Claudia.  And sometimes there are just these wonderful moments where they are best of friends.  Well, as best of friends that any three year old and four month old can be.  I like those moments!

In these moments, Claudia has decided that she is also a baby.  She talks in a baby voice and does "baby tricks", e.g., rolling, cooing, sitting up in Bumbo.   She asks "are you impressed with your big baby?"  We confirm that we have nothing but admiration for both babies.

Now that Paddy is an accomplished roller and determined wiggler, diaper changes and getting dressed are barely or halfway accomplished.

Luckily I have a little assistant who helps me with these things!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Continuous State of Motion

Both tots are on the move.  Claudia on her balance bike.  Paddy on his play mat.  What's a balance bike, you ask?  Its an iddy biddy bicycle for iddy biddies.  It has no pedals.  It teaches kids how to balance.  Hence the name.  They don't do training wheels in Hungary, so all the kids start off on these, the result being the children learn how to ride bicycles much earlier and, from what I've witnessed, much easier.  

Claudia is getting pretty good at balancing.  She gets a running start on the bike, kicks up her little legs and squeals something like "this is how you doooooo it!" 

For the most part its a pretty exhilarating experience for her.  She did have one crash, though.  We were going downhill and she just got going too fast.  She didn't seem too shaken up.  Didn't cry.  But she was a little more cautious in her gliding.

Luckily, she's still at the age where kisses make things all better.

And also the stage where the bike is small enough for Daddy to carry it when CC gets pooped.

Bop glided herself to the park.   I couldn't help but take a picture of this.  This ridiculously awesome slide shoots the kids down so fast they always land face down in the sand. I suspect it would never pass muster in the United States.  Claudia always lies there like a slug in the moments following her trajectory from the slide.  Shaken up a bit, but still happy.  Like all kids should be on the playground!

Swinging like a big girl.

This is how Paddy spent his time at the park.

And here is little man rolling!  Rolie Polie Paddy Pie!  Pay no attention to the screechy voiced narrator.  That is definitely not me.  Definitely not.  Do note that Paddy slaps the camera at the end when I got too close to his face.  Seems like something his daddy might do!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Man is FOUR Months!

Paddy Boy!  You are FOUR months old.   I can't get enough of you sweet boy.  Watching you grow is a most amazing experience.  Every day you discover something new.

You are trying new things... like sitting up.  But usually something like this happens.  Plop.

... or this.  Forward plop.

Right now you are experiencing lots of firsts.  Some of theme great, some not so much.  But that is just how life will go.  Hopefully the good always outweighs the bad and great things are sprinkled in with the good!

So... the firsts...
This big month you:
  • Slept through the night:  On May 11, 2012, you slept for more than 8 hours straight.  Sadly, it was a very short lived first.  After  a week or two of blissful sleeping, you learned how to roll (!) and now you practice this new skill every night.  All night.  You're up.  All night.  It doesn't leave much time for sleeping.  Hopefully you will start sleeping more soon!
  • First laugh:   On April 18, 2011, I was holding you and Daddy tickled your cheek.  It made you giggle.  This was technically last month, but this past month you have been laughing much more... usually at your sister's daily ballyhoo.
  • First roll (front to back):  On May 10, 2011 you rolled front to back, pretty much by accident, aided by the force of gravity. 
  • First roll (back to front):   On May 23, 2011 you rolled from back to front on your playmat in the living room.   You have completely mastered this now and you refuse to stay on your back now.
  • First illness:  You cought your first cold on May 28, 2012.  You are SO tough and are already feeling much better.
  • First slept through the night on your tummy:  May 24, 2012.  Completely against your mother's will.  It gives me fits that you roll onto your tummy and insist sleeping that way. 
WOW, we are so proud of all these big firsts, little man!

You are my sweet little guy and I cherish all the moments I get you all to myself.   My arms feel empty when I am not carrying you around the house and holding you on my lap.

We are so in love with our Paddy Boy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting There Is Half the Fun

Forgot these fun car pics... There was sleeping, snoring, laughing, crying and screaming. And a Czech Highway Patrol shakedown. Can you believe the cops have credit card machines in their cars for immediate payment of tickets? Seemed a little shady, but what can you do? We drove away, with less cash and speed in our step.
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