Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Pictures, but Oh

I do love this one!
kissy kissy
yaaaawwn, about time for a nap!
my little angel
What tiny little hands you have

ok, you really look like a litle angel
out for the count

Today Gram and I took you for your first photo shoot. Needless to say... it did not go so hot. While the pictures are absolutely beautiful, you had a very difficult time. We have now discovered that you, my dear, have acid reflux. Today you were having a VERY difficult time with the reflux. Although we were at the photographer for about 2 hours, we only got a few shots in because you were in discomfort. It was the worst thing watching you scream and cry in pain and to not know what was wrong and how to fix it. Now we do know & we have got you on some high powered reflux medication. I'll always look back on the pictures and remember how tiny, beautiful and delicate you were, but Gram and I will also remember how horrible your reflux was on this day too. At least you still pulled out all these beautiful pics... what a little model!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures at Gram and Grandpa's House

the McLendon family!
Claudia barely hangin' on
Claudia... still sleeping through the pictures
Here are some pictures that Gram took in their backyard... not bad! Their back, front & side yards are absolutely beautiful. They have flowers and beautiful little trees planted everywhere, so it makes a nice setting for family pics. I slapped on this blue dress, made Russell wear his blue shirt and we headed for Tomball... unfortunately, little CC still hasn't mastered the raising of the head thing... or the staying awake for more than 30 minute thing either, so these were the best pics we could get. Regardless, our little princess is the most beautiful thing in the world... I look forward to taking many, many, MANY more family photos!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Enjoying My Claudia

my favorite thing to do... nap with you
napping on Gram
different day ... different nap
cuddling with Mommy
diaper change!
diaper change a la Daddy!
beautiful dreamer
smile for the camera!
more nappin' with Mommy
Aunt T comes for a visit!
hanging with Daddy
napping with Daddy
my sweetie.... in her mits
napping with Aunt T
cuddled up in the boppy
staring contest
I love this one...

Being home with Claudia has been an experience! I learn something new every day about this wonderful little lady. I have learned that she is mesmerized by the ceiling fan, she does not like being moved around once she's in a comfy spot, she likes to take long naps on my chest, loves to listen to her daddy read her Suess stories, and does not like waking up hungry in the middle of the night... not. one. little. bit.

Although bedtime is not what it used to be, it is something special. When I see that little face in the night, I feel like we are the only ones in the world. Just me and my CC. Gram said that its tought being up all hours, but surprisingly, you will miss it when that time is over. I suspect there's some truth to that, so I'm enjoying every second. Even those late night feedings at 9 pm, 1 am, 4 am and, of course, 6 am.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everyone wants to meet CC!

Aunt Ames and the Mann family came all the way
from Siloam Springs, AR to see C-bop
Mommy & Daddy love you!
... very, very much!
Mommy & Aunt Ames!
Daddy & his mittened missy!
Tanney and Rusty chillin' with the ladies over at the McGraws
Aunt Michele comes over for a visit, fresh from Europe!
Malcolm, Liz & baby Max come from BR to meet C-bop
Aunt Ginger snuggles with Claudia
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Ginger, Cousin Kristy & Russell
with the little lady

Claudia loves meeting new people. She is the sweetest little thing and lets everyone hold and cuddle her. Obviously I am partial, but there really is no denying that she is, without a doubt, the cutest little thing you've ever seen. It has been a pleasure to show her off to everyone and let everyone experience what a little sweetie she is!

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