Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Butterfly Dome

CC gets a closeup of some butterflies
a closeup of Lionel, the butterfly
Daddy holding Bop
Claudia attempting to pet Lionel
meet Kevin, the tree frog

This weekend was pretty relaxed. On Saturday we visited with Aunt Ginger over breakfast at La Madeleine's. Claudia showed Aunt Ginger how great she is a toddling around. I think was Aunt Ginger was pretty impressed... even when Claudia toddled over to another customer & grabbed her toosh! Russell's Aunt Ginger & Uncle Jimmy have been in Houston for the past several months while Jimmy receives cancer treatments at M.D. Anderson. Uncle Jimmy has proved to his doctors and everyone around him that when you have faith & courage... anything is possible. I also think it helps that he has Ginger in his corner... she is an amazing source of hope, love and compassion. You can't help but smile when you are with her. =)

Today Gram & Grandpa stopped by for a visit and then we we went to the Cockrell Center at the Museum of Natural Sciences... aka ... the Butterfly Dome. Its a three story glass enclosure that is filled with the most beautiful butterflies. There are also some cool frogs & iguanas hanging around as well. Claudia enjoyed looking at all the critters. Russell and I also had fun. The Butterfly Dome has always been one of my favorite places in Houston. I was so excited to take Claudia for her first Dome visit. Here are some pictures from our day!

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  1. How are you guys? It's been forever. Hope to see you soon. Oh, and Don and I can't wait to go to the Butterfly Dome, it's on our Houston To Do List.


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