Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fresh Keds

Oh Claudia, I have a question...
Is there anything better than your brand, spanking new Keds?
... (besides the new Converse All Stars that don't fit yet) ...
They are great!
Bop playing in her new shoes
She likes to kick and stretch!
Claudia just got her first pair of Keds. I was definitely more excited about this than she was. Growing up, there was always something special about going back to school because I always got a new pair of Keds. I was more than trilled to give Claudia a fresh pair of Keds... although she seemed more skeptical of them than excited. Oh well, I'm sure she'll appreciate fresh Keds in a few years. =)


  1. CC, we are so impressed with your shoe-wearing abilities! Will you teach Jackson how to wear his shoes!?!

  2. Ha! Funny you say this... we were asked by daycare to start putting her in closed toe shoes. This is because she has figured out how to take her sandles off & would do so every 5 minutes. She can't get out of these Keds. =)


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