Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Parade

Happy girl playing with mommy.
the bar stools are perfect height for hanging on to
Claudia was a little confused by the Easter Bunny
Daddy stealing candy from CC's bunny bag

Today was CC's Easter Parade at Creme. This entailed being pushed around Creme in the Byebye Buggie while people passed out Easter treats to all the children. Claudia got lots of treats, which she put in her bunny bag, which Mommy & Daddy then ate. At the end of the parade was the Easter bunny. As you can see, Claudia was not too impressed! She was very excited about her inflatable pink bunny she got, though! I can't believe Easter is almost here. Claudia was born the day after Easter one year ago... so that means birthday time is almost here!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Bunny Comes to G&G's

picking some flowers in Gram's garden
enjoying the sunny weather
inspecting the contents of her Easter basket
enjoying some March Madness games with G&G
on the move

It was another beautiful weekend in Houston. We went to Gram & Grandpa's today to have a little early Easter since we are going to Louisiana this weekend for the holiday. Luckily, the Easter bunny left a little basket of goodies at Gram & Grandpa's, which Claudia was very excited about. It was filled with a cute little bunny named Douglas, some books and even some candy for Mommy & Daddy. Claudia was very excited! We took some pictures outside because it was so beautiful, but couldn't stay out too long because it was crazy windy. Hopefully we wont have any wind next weekend when we go to visit the McLendons in Louisiana and go hunt Easter eggs!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uh oh, spaghetti-O!

the "before" picture ... taking her first bite
Mommy feeding CC some spaghetti
CC eating spaghetti on her own ... starting to get a little messy
Daddy getting in on the action.
So, its completely covering her face at this point.
having fun at her first spaghetti dinner

Tonight we tried spaghetti for the first time... and it was a success! Claudia has been very reluctant to eat lately because she is getting in some more teeth and it has been painful on her. She was feeling much better today though, so we decided to try something new. Taking some advice from Mandi's experience with Jackson (http://thesolomonfamilyblog.blogspot.com), we kept her in her diaper only. That was a great idea, because, as you can see... things got pretty messy. She had no problem chewing up the tomato and meat sauce and appeared to love squishing the noodles in her mouth. She got a lot of spaghetti on her face and belly though, so we took a bath as soon as dinner was over. We're thinking of trying lasagna next!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Need for Speed

Claudia having a ball pushing her little car around
stopping to pose for a pic
Claudia on the move
Becoming very good at turns
after playing hard, its nice to play with Chantix, the magic pony

For Christmas Claudia got a little car that converts into a walker. For a while she mostly just sat on the car while Mommy & Daddy drove her around the house. A few weeks ago we converted it into the walker, and ever since, she has been on the move. She gets going pretty fast on this thing and gets very excited that she can move across the room so quickly. I guess this is a preview for the walking! Also, Claudia has enjoyed playing with her purple pony that Grandpa surprised her with last week. We have named him Chantix, the magic pony, and Claudia loves him.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Your Lucky Day!

toddling around carrying her ball ... most impressive!
having a little fun at dinner
wondering why Mommy takes so many pictures
playing with some three leaf clovers outside on this beautiful day

Today was Claudia's first St. Patrick's day. Seeing how she's partly Scott-Irish, we got her all dressed up in green today to celebrate. She had a fun day at Creme singing Irish diddies and reading about St. Patrick. When we got home we played with some three leaf clovers growing beside the house and chased Daddy around. What a day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

C.E. Byrd 10 Year Reunion

Claudia giving Claire a kiss
me holding sweet Claire
Amy holding Claudia while Savannah gives kissies ... lots of kisses to go around!
Claudia and Memaw
Claudia making Memaw smile
me, Logan, Andrea, Angela & Rachel at the picnic
CC with Rachie & Andrea
Poor CC didn't know what to think about Logan!
Logan meeting Brady Quinlan, who is just a few months older
Rachie holding CC ... CC loved Aunt Rachie!
me and Angela at the reunion
Mackey, Andrea, Angela & me at the reunion

This weekend we went to Shreveport for my ten year high school reunion. After celebrating Russell's reunion last fall I was excited to finally go to mine ... seeing how the reunion was actually 11 years after we graduated! We left on Thursday and stayed at Memaw's house, where Claudia spent lots of quality time with Memaw, playing the piano, cruising around Memaw's house, and playing with some of my old toys that Memaw saved. We also had a very exciting milestone ... Claudia took one whole step on her own! We were so excited and proud. We were especially glad that Memaw got to see this exciting milestone. Well done Claudia!

On Friday we met the Manns at Strawn's for lunch and some pie. We were so excited to finally meet the newest addition to the Mann family, beautiful baby Claire Abigail Mann. She has beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. She was sweet as she can be and Claudia even gave her a smooch on the head. She and Savannah also had fun sharing sippy cups and kisses.

On Saturday we went to the C.E. Byrd picnic at Betty Virginia Park. The park looks very different from when I was young. When I went to South Highlands we took many a picnic to BVP and it was fun to let Claudia play at the same park I enjoyed growing up. Claudia enjoyed meeting Rachel, Andrea, Logan, Mackey and Mickey and all the other babies and kiddos. It was a fun afternoon. On Saturday evening we went to the reunion at the Robinson Center downtown. I was also excited to see how different downtown Shreveport is... it is really booming with new businesses, movie theaters and restaurants. The reunion was fun getting to see everyone and catch up with my old dear friends!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Yeehaw, its rodeo time!

yippy ki yay!
me and Claudia with sleeping Babe
Daddy holding CC next to the llama at the petting zoo
me, Gram & CC
my little cow poke in her 2 gallon hat
post rodeo birthday celebration for Michele

Yesterday was a big day for Claudia... she went to her first rodeo! The Houston Livestock & Rodeo is going on so we decided to take Claudia to see what all the fuss was about. We went to the petting zoo where Claudia saw a pot belly pig, 2 llamas, several goats of various sizes, 3 little kangeroos and a host of other barn yard creatures. After the petting zoo we went to see all the livestock. We saw a giant pink pig and lots of long horns. Gram treated Claudia to some hot pink cowboy boots, which were surprisingly very comfy, and a little barn with some farm animal toys, which she absolutely loves. Claudia had a great time taking in all the sights at the rodeo. We can't wait to bring her back next year. After the rodeo we went to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matthew's house to celebrate Michele's birthday. It was a fun day and Claudia is planning on showing off her pink boots at Creme tomorrow!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Claudia's First Slumber Party

Claudia didn't like being put back in the crib this morning for the photo op...
Audrey just looked at Claudia, confused.
Sweet girls after having their breakfast of pancakes, apple sauce & yogurt
Another funny one. Claudia got a little grumpy when we made her share her piano with Audrey.
Happy Claudrey watching Aladdin ... they liked to hear the songs

Last night was Claudia's first slumber party. Claudia and Audrey had a blast staying up extra late (7: 30 pm), playing in the princess tent, chasing Winston and watching a little bit of Aladdin. Audrey did great and didn't cry at all, although she was very excited when Mommy walked through the door this morning. Audrey also had a very exciting first this morning... she took her first unassisted steps! Mommy & Daddy McGraw were there and saw all the excitement. Claudia and Audrey played great and we are so excited the girls had a fun first slumber party!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Claudia's First Steps

a little wobbledy, but gettin the hang of things!
Claudia straps on her gold lame walkin' mocs from Aunt Amy
early morning stroll through the house

This past week Claudia has been taking her first assisted steps. She holds on to either Mommy or Daddy's hand or walks while holding on to her little walker. We have taken several videos, but are having trouble uploading it. We are going to try again this afternoon so stay posted. For now, here are some still photos of Claudia getting her move on. Tonight Claudia is having her first slumber party & is very excited. Her BFF Audrey is going to spend the night and I suspect the girls are going to have a blast!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Tables are Turned on Daddy

smiling because she just flung her food across the room
sharing food with Daddy
say "AAAAAHHHH", Daddy

We had some absolutely beautiful weather this weekend. Blue skies and warm temperatures. We went on several strolls! Uncle Matthew and Aunt Debbie came over for dinner on Saturday night and we watched some of the Olympics. Go USA for getting a record number of medals! Claudia had a great weekend... but has recently decided she doesn't want to eat any food of any kind. She has pretty much been refusing EVERYTHING... even stuff she loved before. We are trying anything and everything with no luck. Instead of eating her foods, she decided it would be more fun to feed Daddy. It made for some funny pictures! Hopefully she will start eating her foods again. If not, weaning her from the bottle might be a little tricky. =)
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