Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Party for Paddy

Somehow this sweet Paddy boy of mine managed to sneak in another year on me.   Drawing up this post about Patrick's birthday (which happened a month ago), I am reminded just how important it is to memorialize the special times in our lives.   The time it slips right through our fingers, but at least this way I can ink out my favorite bits and collect them here for memory's sake.   So, this boy of mine.  He is two!  We celebrated with a special little party.

I made cupcakes the day before the party.   He wasn't in the mood for napping that day, so he helped me get everything ready in the kitchen.  He wanted to make sure everyone's cupcake was just right.  
The sweet guy felt pretty special at the head of the table, especially when everyone started singing and smiling at him.  

Sweet little man was giggling so hard he couldn't blow out his candles.  

Birthday parties are pretty exhausting when you're two.  He took a tiny cat nap after the party and was back up to see what was going to happen next.  Sweet Patrick, I hope you always greet the world with your bright eyes and sweet smile!
Here's some pics of my sweet guy from this year.  The wonderful Regina Koszta took these and I am so happy to have them.  It's rare to have pictures WITH Patrick (and even pictures of Patrick that are not blurry), so I treasure these.

Sweet Paddy, we love you and love you and love you and love you.

Whether you are practicing your new favorite word ("no!"), drawing on the walls, running away from me in the post office, dancing wildly to Chaka Khan in the grocery store, throwing tantrums in the car, falling asleep in my arms, playfully squealing "No waaay!!" to old ladies in the grocery store who want to kiss you, nestling yourself in my lap for story time or giving us all kisses and slaps and kisses again, you are my one and only baby boy.  And I love you.   
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