Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kelly & Baby Swimming

Daddy trying to get Claudia to do "peace" ... or "two" ... or something...
Claudia doing "hook em horns" instead.
Wrong team C, but we love the effort!
my unsuccessful attempt to capture Audrey's awesome ruffled tierred swimsuit.
sassy. stylish. i love it.
Claudia making a new friend, Everett,
who also celebrated his birthday yesterday
a little apprehensive at first...
... but turned into a fish within moments.
strolling around the pool with Ruh.
the height differenc always makes me laugh.
Oh, Claudia... always on the wrong side of a door.
getting ready for the party... sippy cup in hand
the pies. so thoughtful & presented so well!
Kelly blowing out the candles on her pies.
Don & his pies. Good work, my friend.

It's safe to say that summer has arrived in Houston. It's hot, muggy & fabulous. Saturday morning I took Claudia to have breakfast with Aunt Ginger and Uncle Jimmy. Uncle Jimmy is doing great & we all enjoyed sitting outside & having some delicious chocolate croissants. The apple doesn't fall too far the tree... Claudia loves her some chocolate. Aunt Ginger is getting ready to head back to Memphis to help out Aunt Kristy & Uncle Adam ... who will be having a their sweet baby girl early July! We are pretty excited as Claudia will have a new cousin to play with!

Later that day we headed over to the McGraws to celebrate Kelly's birthday. I am never surprised, but assuredly charmed by Don Echols' attention to details. For Kelly's birthday, he grilled some delicious kababs and slow cooked some black beans with cilantro. It was absolutely delicious & I'm so glad to hear that the Echols have a love affair with their slow cooker like we McLendons do. Here's the cute part. Don baked three pies for Kelly & carved out her initials in the crust of the pies so that the pies spelled out "K" "F" "E"... it was delicious, thoughtful... and I would now like for Russell to spell out "MMM" in mashmellows on a tray of brownies. hint hint.

The McGraws were feeling extra hospitable and took in the Bop for the night so we could stay late and visit with everyone. She did great with her second slumber party with Audrey (see pics from first party). No tears this time. =) We came over Sunday morning and then had a little pool party. Claudia and Audrey enjoyed swimming ... especially the part about their diapers swelling up to the size of beach balls. We are thinking we will do some more swim lessons together this summer. We may even get those swim diapers, but I'm sure they wont provide nearly as much entertainment, but we'll see.

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