Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chow Time

Claudia wielding her spoon
not quite getting the right end into her mouth...
... giving up & using spoon as belly scratcher

For a long time Claudia just refused to eat. Aside from cheese & yogurt, there wasn't much you could dangle in front of her to coax that little mouth open. Well, things have changed. Miss Jessica at Creme asked me one day... "Mommy, do you think you could pack more food for Claudia? She is getting really hungry, taking food from the other babies & eating Cheerios she finds on the floor."
As you can imagine, I was pretty horrified that my baby was starving & mortified because the other mommies there overheard this. Well, don't worry, she's not starving! We are packing the biggest lunches we can fit into the cute ballerina lunch bag Aunt Jerelyn gave us. Claudia is eating anything and everything... and.... she just started trying to use her little fork and spoons. Pretty impressive, huh? We thought so too. Good work, Claudia!

1 comment:

  1. CC we knew you would get hungry again soon! Meryl, don't sweat it. Us moms have lots of those "embarrasing" moments!


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