Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Claudia Builds a Snowman and Gives Tummy Time Tutorial

I was laboring under the delusion that winter was on its way out.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  It snowed all day today and is still snowing now.   I'm not complaining, though!  Because it's really pretty and Claudia is out of school this week, so we don't really have anywhere to go.  I promised Daddy I'd post these snowman pics from last weekend... this is a McLendon family first.  A real snowman!
They gathered random stuff around the yard to adorn Claudia's "Snow Princess"

Claudia was really interested in the "Snow Princess", as can be seen from this photo.

But then she stopped caring and it became Daddy's snowman. 

Isn't he festive?

I'm trying to preserve these snow memories... Lord knows we won't have any when we go back to Houston!

In other news, with Claudia feeling better, she has been helping Patrick "learn stuff."  She plays on the playmat with him.

I don't want to call it "bossing" just yet, but she definitely has an opinion on how he should be doing things.

She even demonstrated tummy time for him.  Wants him to get it right.  Very concerned big sis.
One of the funnier quotes from this weekend came when CC got really close to Paddy, then hollered "Oh Paddy, you look like you're scared of me!!"  He did, by the way, look really scared of her.

And then little man farted.  Must be a defense mechanism of sorts.

He gave a look as to say "no good?"  As you can see from this pic, Claudia was very proud of her little brother.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pat Facts

It's been an eventful week here and we (CC, Paddy & I at least) have only left the house for doctor visits. We lead very exciting lives, you see. Thankfully, I think CC's virus is finally on its way out. At one point, Thursday to be precise, her temperature reached 104 f. This was a personal record for her and it freaked us all out pretty good. But, like I said, things are looking much better now! As for Patrick, there's something very exciting (and a little sad) about how quickly he is changing. Watching him grow this week, I've observed the following:

He explores the world around him, wobbling his little head in the direction of strange new sounds.
He intently studies the face of anyone who gets close enough to come within his 12 inch field of vision.

He's got a distinctive cry that he uses when he wants to be held. You are powerless to resist it.

Sweet little man likes to make eye contact at night... which I've heard is a no-no if you want them to go back to sleep after their feedings. But again, it's something you're pretty powerless to resist.

Paddy can sleep through just about anything... including a room of screaming/laughing/crying pre-schoolers, as I observed this last week when picking Claudia up from school.

He is not a doll to be dressed up. He went pretty crazy shortly after I took this picture and didn't stop until I took the silly hat off. I'm sorry about that, Patrick.
He likes to be cuddled... especially when he is tired. The key to making him happy is to swaddle him up tight like a burrito and play him tide pool white noise. Only then does little man drift off to sleep. Unless he's riding in the car. Without a doubt, the car is his Patrick's little happy place. We love you Patrick, you sweet little thing!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sink or Swim!

Hopefully this virus will hit the road soon so Claudia will be able to return to the pool this weekend for her swim lessons. She's been paddlin' up a storm since early January and is showing all signs that she is part fish. Here are some action shots from weekend before last. And those swim caps were mandatory, not elective. They even made the infants wear them. So bizarre!

They Share Hugs, Valentines and Viruses

Any doubts we had about Claudia being a loving big sister (or even a big sister that wouldn't cut her baby brother in half, as she promised) have been layed to rest.   The girl loves to hold, hug, kiss and help out with baby brother.  She's very curious about the little man and the little man is very curious about her (when he isn't terrified of her).   There is a major hitch to this new friendship, though.  Our sweet Bop started coughing uncontrollably Sunday night.  She was running a fever and began having all sorts of puke and poop issues.   Although we limit her kisses to the top of Paddy's sweet head, he has also came down with this nasty cough, but otherwise is symptom free.   It's been difficult trying to keep both of them happy this week.  At one point, while I was consoling a screaming Paddy, a coughing and crying Claudia yelped out "I'm sick too, Mommy!"   Ouch.   Luckily, they have both been to the doctor and are both on the mend.  I'm watching Paddy nap here and just put a somewhat dazed Claudia down for her nap.   Hopefully by this weekend, they will both be feeling better! 

Here are some cuddly pics of Bop and her Paddy (pre-ickiness): 

Don't let the face confuse you... she's upset because she wanted to stay home instead of going to school.

Here is Paddy with the two Valentines his sister made him.  He really did look excited when she brought them to him. 

And I promise she had panties on in this picture. She's gotten in the habit of stripping down to nothing, screaming "I'm butt naked!", and running through the house.  I've heard from a few friends that this is "normal" and not to make a big deal out of it.  We just smile and say "yes, you are."   Hope Paddy doesn't get any big ideas.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gram and the Grands

When he wasn't sleeping, Paddy was so excited to have his Gram come to visit him.

There was lots of hand holding.

There was lots of nurturing.

And don't think this one didn't get in on in too.

She can get Gram to do anything.  On Claudia' insistence, Gram actually got in the Exersaucer next!  
Just teasing.  But she thought about it.

They really are best friends.  And Claudia always manages to surprise Gram.

By doing stuff like this.

But Gram is a good sport.  Always full of love and patience.  She even took Bop out to play in the snow. 
Here they are, sharing a hug by the door after playing in the below freezing weather.

I think Gram really enjoyed sweet Paddy.  Nothing but hugs and cuddles from this little guy.

All three of them together make for one happy bunch!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby's First Snow

I've spent the past few months wishing for snow. Russell periodically reminded me to be careful what I wish for. In deed, Paddy was born two days before a ton of snow dropped on Budapest.   We made it home from the hospital before the snow hit, only to have to go back for Paddy to get UV treatment for his jaundice.  This was taken on the day we were officially discharged from the hospital.  We were so thankful to bring him home!  

The road to the hospital looked like this... a forty mile drive down icy and snowy backroads.   This road specifically... only in the dark, with the snow coming down.  And we were so worried about our little man.  Luckily, he only needed to stay under for about 18 hours.

It was so cold!!  It's just now starting to warm up (getting above freezing during the day... brrr)

Here's some views around the house.

Our patio furniture is frozen solid.

My little polar bear

He's just perfect for snuggling with in this freezing weather.

Claudia and Daddy enjoyed playing in the snow this weekend.

I got in on it too.  I crashed my little sled into a tree.  I thought CC was coming to help me.  Nope.  She plucked my glasses off my face, put them on and ran off.

Go CC, go!!

Now that we're home from the hospital, I can be happy about the snow... except when I have to take sweet Paddy out in it...

... because he prefers cuddling inside.  More pictures of Paddy and CC with their Gram to come!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've Got My Loves to Keep Me Warm

We had a fun little Valentine's Day... Paddy and I.  It involved some of this...

... a little of this... (playing in bouncy chair)...

... and this.  He's trying out the playmat.  He likes.
Big Sis got all her Valentines in order for her classmates and gave baby brother a kiss before heading off to school.

Here she is with her Valentines.  She was most excited about giving one to Emily and a new little friend named Theodore.

If you missed it... here was her Valentine.

She had her big Valentine's Day program today at school.  They sang a song "Five Valentines in a Little Card Shop."  Here she is practicing the big number. Check it out below...


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