Monday, January 31, 2011

Sledding. In our Yard. In a Radio Flyer.

After much dilly-dallying on the patio, I got Claudia onto the sled.
I have to point out that this entire outfit came from Old Navy.
They make the cutest winter clothes for toddlers.
She liked the sled for about five seconds.

We've gotten more use of the Radio Flyer in the snow than on the pavement.
Her mood was lifted once Daddy started dragging her around the yard.
I think he was exhausted by the end of our snow day,
but he never complained. Look... thumbs up!
Mom, thanks for my boots. They are perfect!
Someone is ready for more snow.

We returned to find Budapest exactly how we left it: covered in snow and below freezing... the ideal conditions for sledding...or "sledging" as they say here. We thought about going to Normafa, the big skiing and sledding hills on the outskirts of Buda, but opted for the hills in our front yard. It eventually warmed up and the snow started to melt, but we still have a nice coating. Claudia thoroughly enjoyed sledding in her wagon. We'll see if we can get her to cozy up to her sled.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aloha! Szia!

My cousin Michele and her boyfriend Matt have moved to Hawaii.
We officially live on the other side of the world from each other.
I wonder how long that flight would be.
Aunt Debbie had a going-away luau.
Claudia liked (wearing) the decorations.
While in Texas... Claudia's hair turns into tight little ringlets.
Since returning to Budapest, it lays as close to flat as it can.
It's still pretty fluffy. We call it "wild & wispy."
Claudia and her party favor - a necklace she swiped from Aunt Debbie.
I tried to get a pic of CC with Staci,
but Claudia was more interested with Staci's cupcake tray.
The thing Claudia & I missed most about home (besides Russell),
sleeping in our own beds!
Can you spot Claudia in this pic?
There she is!

Fun fact... "aloha" and "szia" mean "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaiian and Hungarian, respectively. After we celebrated Michele leaving for Hawaii, Claudia and I finally returned to Budapest! In one piece! With all our luggage! And sanity intact! You may have gathered from the previous posts that I was feeling very nervous about flying overseas with just me and Claudia. In the BC period (before Claudia), I loved airports because I could people watch, read magazines and relax on the plane. These days I'm lucky if Claudia is the only one crying at the airport. The Frankfurt airport is my own personal hell: my baby has been patted down & searched here and one really special day I had to remove Winston from his cat carrier while they scanned and patted him down as well. But THIS trip went GREAT! Claudia didn't fuss, didn't cry. Not a single tear was shed. She was amazing. Guardian angels followed us the whole way. We are so glad to be home! We had a fun weekend & I'm about to post some pictures of some of our adventures. But for now... Szia from Hungary!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Visiting Memaw & Hugging Fire Hydrants

Claudia on plane watching duty in the street.
Caught one.
I only hope she's this excited next week when she gets on a plane for 11+ hours.
My plane anxiety is kicking in already.
I miss Russell so badly & I can't wait to get back home...
but I am bad scared about flying overseas with just me and Bop.
Real scared.
Gram helping Claudia position all her bath toys on her car.
The bath toys go everywhere these days.
There's about a dozen little boys who play on G&G's street.
Claudia desparately wants to play too.
She'll tear off into the street screaming "boys! booooys!"
They don't know what to think.  
Here she is about to sneak over to where they're playing. 
She stole their baseball.
We made her give it back.
She had no choice but to befriend the neighborhood fire hydrant.
We've got to get this girl back to her Budapest buddies.
We made a trip to Shreveport to spend some more time with Memaw.
Claudia and Memaw at the piano.
Memaw encouraged me to play the piano as a kid,
and I'm so glad she does the same with Bop.
Claudia  is committed to the music.
... the music... and the toy donut on her finger.
While in Shreveport we had a great visit with Avery and Molly.
I don't think there is a child more photogenic than Molly.  
She looks just like her beautiful mama.
Molly and Claudia had a great time playing... until it was time to go.
Claudia had a pretty nasty meltdown after I took this pic.
I think we in the terrible two death spiral.
I was so excited to finally meet sweet Boston Grace while in Shreveport.
Baby Boston is 4 months old... and could not be sweeter.
Boston will soon be a Houstonian... can't wait to see him sporting some boots!
This post is just a little hodge podge of pictures from this week.  We are wrapping up our ChrisThis post is just a little hodge podge of pictures from this week.  We are wrapping up our Christmas trip and are getting all set to return to Budapest.   Claudia and I will definitely miss everyone when we leave, but we are ready to get home and sleep in our own beds.  And we desparately miss Russell.  I just hope the flight goes smoothly.  My palms go all clammy just thinking about it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Max & Claudia... Chivalry Starts at Two

Claudia could spend all day in a swing.
She screams when we taker her out.
I worry that its because we let her sleep in her papasan
craddle swing from the age of 3 monthes to 9 months.  
Not joking... it's the only way we could get her to sleep.
This picture was taken shortly before we took her out.
I'm not posting any of the screaming swing removal pictures.
I'll let you use your imagination.
Chivalry is not dead!  Here's Max treating Claudia to a wagon ride.
Claudia thoroughly enjoyed her ride.  
And her new jeggings.  
I'm sad to report that Claudia got her first pair of jegs before I did.
Her Gram got them for her.
I'm really behind.  
Look at that attention!
Really, he turned to check on her every few seconds.
Sweet, sweet Max
I truly believe that chivalry is something engrained in men from the time they are little boys.  These pictures are proof.  This weekend we were treated to a visit from the Oggs.   Our dear sweet little Max just turned two and he is really shaping up to be a true gentleman.  He insisted on pulling Claudia in the wagon (even up a sizeable hill), with no assistance.   He is so sweet to Claudia and she definitely enjoyed all the attention.  Back to the chilvary thing... I also believe that behind every good man (and little man), there is a good mom who taught him manners.  So, Liz, well done.   =)  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Someone in Texas Loves You

Right now there is a sweet, dear daddyboy named Russell (aka, Pants, Ruh, Q) who is toiling away in Budapest, working all sorts of wild hours and coming home to a sad, empty, Claudia & Meryl-less house.   He's been doing this for two weeks and has several more weeks ago until things let up.  In an effort to make him smile, I'm posting these pictures from Christmas in Texas.  I'm also sending my words of encouragement... Russell, you are the best & we can't wait to see you.  

PS:  Russell, if you can, please scoop Winnie's poop here and there & let the clothes dryer pee every so often. =)

PPS:  Everyone reading, in case you'd like in on the last part... our glorious clothes dryer sucks & spins the water out of the clothes and has to be drained after every cycle.  If it doesn't get drained, it will overheat and explode.  Really!  God bless European appliances!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sidewalk Flair and Other Items of Importance

Yesterday we braved the cold to get a little crafty on the sidewalk.
Claudia and I drew pictures of sunshines in hopes that we might soon see some.
About five minutes in to this exercise, Claudia started sampling the art supplies.
I never know what is going on in her little head, 
but I suspect it goes like this.
Claudia:   mmm, tastes good.
Claudia:  aah, it drives Mom crazy.
Claudia:  ah ha!  Cramming chalk in my mouth is
far better than frittering it away on the sidewalk.
In other news... Claudia has mastered talking on the cell phone.
At dinner she would only talk to Aunt Debbie via cell phone.
Claudis has also been very helpful in the kitchen lately.
This little girl doubles as a fruit bowl!

This is about how far we've gotten with potty training.  Not quite there yet.  =)

Over in Texasland we are keeping very busy with art projects, visiting friends and family and picking up a few life skills here and there.   It seems like it is bitter cold almost everywhere so I hope this post finds you sitting cozy by a computer somewhere!   

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