Sunday, March 7, 2010

Claudia's First Slumber Party

Claudia didn't like being put back in the crib this morning for the photo op...
Audrey just looked at Claudia, confused.
Sweet girls after having their breakfast of pancakes, apple sauce & yogurt
Another funny one. Claudia got a little grumpy when we made her share her piano with Audrey.
Happy Claudrey watching Aladdin ... they liked to hear the songs

Last night was Claudia's first slumber party. Claudia and Audrey had a blast staying up extra late (7: 30 pm), playing in the princess tent, chasing Winston and watching a little bit of Aladdin. Audrey did great and didn't cry at all, although she was very excited when Mommy walked through the door this morning. Audrey also had a very exciting first this morning... she took her first unassisted steps! Mommy & Daddy McGraw were there and saw all the excitement. Claudia and Audrey played great and we are so excited the girls had a fun first slumber party!

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  1. I love the pic of CC pouting. It's hilarious!


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