Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just to wrap up Christmas, officially, we put hammer to house, boxed up decorations and went through all the photos.   
Hammer to House
Destruction proved to be as much fun as construction.  It would have been a lot simpler and cleaner to just throw it away, but this was just more fun.  It was a lot of fun!  New tradition!   
I've come across a few leftover pictures from our travels over the ocean and down interstates to various grandmothers' houses. Here are some moments worth remembering:

  • visiting with my sweet, sweet Memaw.
  • visiting our old college campus, Louisiana Tech... go Dawgs!   Wylie Tower, check.  Book store, check.  Phi Mu house, check.  
  • celebrating Aunt T's birthday.  Aunt T even gave her birthday wish to Claudia. That's pretty much the pinnacle of selflessness.
  • visiting Grandma Irene in the hospital.   Normally hospital visits are anything but memorable, but watching Patrick hold his great grandmother's hand for the first time was tear inducing.  
  • driving past the cotton fields of Mer Rouge, Louisiana. I learned Mer Rouge has just finished its last season of growing cotton, its legacy crop.  Corn killed cotton apparently.  
  • visiting Dr. Mackey.  One of my dearest childhood friends is a real, live pediatrician now.  Sweet Patrick, coming off the overseas flight, was having ear pains.  Thank goodness for Dr. Mackey, our savior!
  • eating at Johnny's pizza... Patrick's first time.  Loved it!


  1. I wish I would have read your blog earlier! Smashing the gingerbread house looks like a blast! I am a new follower- I found you on Natalie's blog From Corporate to Domestic.

  2. I was phi mu at georgia tech! sounds like a great trip :)

  3. hi, it's bev from black ink paperie. thanks for stopping by my blog and following. you have a lovely blog and i'm happy to follow

  4. Love the demolition! She's so cute, even in full out destruction mode.

  5. what a fun blog!im your newest follower from the aloha friday blog hop. come visit when you aren't out playing in the snow! :)
    stay warm!


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