Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That's Enough, No More Please.

More snow?  More snow!  I'm already regretting my birthday wish for a snowy winter. Yes, that was silly.  I'm not the best snow driver and our house is perched atop a giant snowy hill that never gets plowed.  So. I wait for my brave neighbors to go downhill, carefully retrace their tracks, stock up groceries and then return home, clenching the wheel and praying all the way uphill.   Here's how we have filled our days.
Watching the snow melt on sunny days

Sledding in the front yard.  We had one accident. The sled tumped  over and Paddy fell down face first in the snow.  I think my half frozen heart stopped.  He didn't cry one bit, though.  I got all the snow off his face and cuddled him for a bit and then he got back in.  Brave boy!
Thanks to my neighbor, we found an awesome trail through the woods by our house.  Loved seeing all the pups in the snow in their doggie vests and coats.
Went to bed on Sunday with almost no snow and woke up to 8 inches.
Some of us braved the snow and went out into the city.
The rest of us stayed home, made snow angels, ate snow, went sledding in our garden, threw snowballs, contemplated building a snowman, changed our minds about a snowman, drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the snow.
snowy smiles
Paddy is amazed by the snow.  Wants to touch it and eat it.  He'll be throwing snowballs this time next year, for sure.
Sled tumping fiasco aside, he seems right at home in his sled.  It's got extra room for sister, but it seems like he's more content when she's not in it.  I suspect that is because she insists on leaning back on him.  
The snow dragon!  Good thing he is all black, it's pretty hard to lose him in the snow.
Last night I discovered this silly man hammering our front windows with snowballs.  
I say that I'm ready for the snow to go, but I really do marvel in it.  Coming from Louisiana and then Texas, this is just something so new.  Even if it is our third winter here, it still amazes me.

Feeding brother some snow.
And this is the daily scene inside the house.  Big sister taunting little brother with his paci.  We're trying to get him off the paci, but Claudia is enjoying this way too much.  I admit it was a little entertaining and he was laughing, though, so I waited a bit to intervene. Sweet boy doesn't get upset for anything.  Love him.  Kind of love the snow.  Very much love having both of these snow bunnies...makes me feel like a kid to see and experience the snow through their eyes.  


  1. Look at your gorgeous pics! Profile one of Claudia in snow is astounding. I need to hire you to come here, Miss Photog.

    1. Emily, you're too sweet. Can we plan a session then? :). Seriously, let's make some coffee plans contingent on snow.

  2. I second Emily's comments! You may have a photography career upon your return to the U.S. The photos are beautiful!! My sister is my photography expert and wants to know what type of camera you use?

    1. Alaina, I'd really love to do more photography. I have a lot to learn, though. I use a Canon Rebel xsi. I think I had the 50mm lens on?? Hugs to sweet Graham!

  3. A lot of our snow melted and now its just icy. Cold and icy. I'd take a couple of inches of fresh snow to cover up the ice. you take beautiful photos!

  4. What great pics. I, too, marvel at all the snow! We have tmrw off of school bc it's 32 degrees and we have icicles! Love your humor as well:)!!!

  5. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I just love seeing snow photos (they are gorgeous btw!). I'm another expat Mumma, I'm always excited to find other expat blogs out there - following along now, looking forward to reading more :)

  6. Hey girlie! Thanks for the follow! Seriously gorgeous pictures, but I have to say, I'm not jealous of the snow :p I'm too much of a cold weather winnie, ha! Love your blog and WOW, Budapest! Can't wait to read more :)

  7. Your photographs are lovely and so are your children!

    If you are tired of the snow, ship some over to me in Singapore! We could certainly use it! :)



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