Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Year is Here

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and go get my ONE YEAR OLD son out of his crib.  And he won't even realize it's his special day!   Regardless, I will make this day special for him.  I have to say the first seven months went by so slowly (might have had something to do with the sleepless nights), but the last five just flew by.  So, I say, from here on out, we just slow things down!
Last time we do one of these... which is good... he kept trying to flip himself off the arms of the chair.  It was a lot easier, but nearly as fun, to do these when he was immobile.
Patrick is getting into reading.  He likes a good rhyme.  He is a fan of the Priddy Books (includes Fuzzy Bee & Friends) and is loving the Miffy series too.
But this is his favorite activity by far.  He will walk your arm off. He gets up, he wants to walk.  Time for bed?  No time to walk.  This morning, from his crib monitor, I watched him cruising around the rails of his crib instead of sleeping.  He took his first independent steps (two and half of them) on January 26.  He was walking from me to Daddy.   PROUD MOMENT!
He loves to play with all his new Christmas toys... anything that has a wheel (or spinning device of some kind) is tops.  He can pretty much turn any object into a walker, though.  I caught him scuttling across the living room floor using a basket full of laundry yesterday.  My industrious little guy!
Favorite food?  Spaghetti.  Hands down.  Hands down, scoop up spaghetti, slather hands all over mouth.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  I love watching you eat spaghetti just as much as you love eating it.  You are a yummy mess!
You like shoes.  Not your own of course.  You hate those.  But others' shoes?  You love! The bigger, the better.  These are your favorites.   Little big for you now.
This guy has about as much patience as I do when it comes to presents.  Once those gifts starting coming in, he started opening them.  Don't tell him there's actually a toy in there.  He is content with the trimmings.
Happy, happy birthday to my BIG BOY!   I love you, Patrick Wallace McLendon. I can't believe the year just zipped on by (the last five months, at least).  There's no way I can encapsulate my feelings into a little paragraph.  Simply put, you are everything to me.  My sunshine, my  reason for being, my grocery shopping companion, my little man.  I love you.

 Happy birthday!


  1. Happy B-day, Paddy! Love the beer belly.

  2. Happy First Birthday! Doesn't it sneak up on you fast? My baby is turning 2 in a week... I can't believe how fast it's gone.

  3. Happy first birthday Patrick! Those last few months coming up to 1 really do fly by hey. I love the timeline photos!

  4. Happy birthday Paddy! Make us proud with the smash cake!

    your birthday friend Caroline

  5. so sweet! and walking before 1, good job patrick!

  6. what a sweetheart! i love the spaghetti photo. he knows how it's done!
    p.s. your floors are gorgeous!

  7. Happy first birthday! Love all your pictures Meryl, but the spaghetti one is a new fav!! See you 2mrw!

  8. My goodness! He's so adorable. What a beautiful home with the flooring and light. Wow.
    So pleased to have stumbled upon your blog.
    Bella xx

  9. He grew so much this month. Loving that sweet belly and those curls peeking out from the back! Can't believe he is already 1, too!

  10. he is darling and it is so fun that you have record of him growing like that!! it looks great! That takes a lot of discipline on your part actually remembering to do it every month!!

    Oh and I love the balloons in the photo above and that cake so sweet!!


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