Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun Things to Do With Snow

Good thick snow.  The possibilities are endless.  After seeing a few friends' forts, we decided to build our own.  During the various phases of construction, Claudia would make little comments like "it could be bigger" or "maybe there's just room for me in here"... all the while, she was pelting me in the back with snowballs while I carefully stacked up the snow bricks.  My silly girl!
"Yes, just room for me in here!"
The snowball shootout ensued.  I'm sitting in our fire pit, no fort to shield me from the onslaught.
Observe the structural integrity of said fort.  We played until it got dark... at 4:00 pm!  
It warmed up the next morning, so our fort started to get a little melty.
Claudia suggested we destroy it.   So we did.  It was fun.  Way more fun than building it!
I don't know why, but she insisted on holding the "fort flag" (Old Glory), while destroying the fort.
Busted right on through the fort wall!
Don't worry, she came up smiling, laughing and spitting out snow!
This guy isn't so big on the real snow.
But he really likes our paper snowflakes.  He ripped them all off the window he liked them so much!
He tore them up.
Then he ate them.
He ate apples and other nutritious foods, as well!   So ends another fun snow day.   

In all honesty, I'd like it to warm up.  My poor arthritic hips just don't do well in the cold & snow, Daddyboy's diesel VW is parked at the bottom of hill and won't start because it's too cold and Paddy is over the snow.  Luckily Claudia is happy about it for all of us.  She's already thinking of what to build next.  


  1. love it! its encouraging to see ideas for snow. most of ours is gone but I hope we get more (mostly for the kids' sake!)

  2. That looks like an awesome snow fort! We have so, so much snow over here! It would be nice to get out and play in it for a little, maybe later!

  3. looks like you've had some great snow! ours is all grey and iced over now. those babies of yours sure do look sweet and happy. good job mama.

  4. That fort looks like so much fun. My kids would love it!

  5. Wow! Impressive fort! Makes me wish it would snow in Singapore - even if it's just for a day - so my kiddo and I can give fort-making a try! :)

    P.S. I'm featuring people who move around the world on my blog. Since you live in Budapest, I'd love to feature you as part of the series! If you're interested, email me at and I can tell you more. :)

  6. You win the good mom prize for building that fort! So fun!


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