Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Backing Up & Lost in Travels

Chelsea and Jeremy Diamond, of my new favorite travel blog, Lost in Travels, were so kind to post a writeup I did about Budapest. Its up on their blog today, so go check it out!  Chelsea amd Jeremy live in Korea and feature pictures and stories of amazing places all over the world.  You will be glad you checked it out, I promise.  =) 

As for me... Russell realized I hadn't updated my phone (in the last two years), so he did that for me the other day. While all the files were being deleted from my phone, I realized (panicked) that I hadn't backed up my phone pictures (in the last two years). I waited for all the files to return to the phone in the updating process... and voila... they all came back. Phew. Anyhow, I figured I might as well back them up. While I was looking through them, I figured I might as well share them. Some are funny.
Claudia being Claudia:  falling asleep in the grocery cart, freaking out over the peacock at Margaret Island, kissing brother, making tinfoil hats, ballet dancing, making art, playing at the park, sightseeing.
Most of my pictures of sweet Patrick involve him sleeping and just being little and cute.   I also managed to catch the first time he gave me a hug (well, I call it a hug).  It's the one with me in it.  
More of the wee mister.   Snoozing, taking a bath in a hotel sink, stealing Turo Rudis (chocolate & cottage cheese snacks... hold on ... they are SO good) from our Patrick-sized refrigerator, wagon riding, grocery shopping, (shady) sun bathing, sightseeing.

What I take from the one hour update process (wherein 1000+ phone pics temporarily  disappeared) be sure to BACK UP your photos.  Back up everything.  Back it all up.  


  1. Love those sweet little people!

  2. awesome- i wanna go to budapest!! need a slightly older daughter?? i can even babysit! :) haha

  3. Beautiful kids! Budapest looks amazing!

  4. I had a terrifying experience of losing years of photos a few years ago when I killed our old laptop. I was sad about it for a long time. Glad yours came back!! Needless to say I do a monthly backup now.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog -- the shirts on my last post are actually from my Etsy shop!! Be sure to stop by: www.etsy.com/shop/mamacaseprints

    Excited to be following your family's adventures!

  5. Love these sweet pics! Especially the one of P hugging you!

  6. Ohhh that would've been awful had you lost it all, esp when you have so many cute shots! I don't back mine up often enough *must do that now*.

    PS - cookie butter can be found in Europe! Not sure about Hungary but I have seen it in most other countries that we've been to sold as 'Lotus Speculoos'. Hunt it down - you won't regret it ;-)

  7. You are just precious, Meryl! Love your sweet heart and family!!

  8. Hello! I'm stopping by after reading your "Perspectives" post on "Lost In Travels." Love your blog, and I look forward to following your family's adventures abroad!

    My husband and I are US expats living in Queensland, Australia. And, believe it or not, we also moved here from Houston where my hubby worked in the oil and gas industry. So glad to have found/"met" a fellow Houstonians AND fellow expat.

    My blog is still somewhat "under construction," but I'd love if you stopped by for a visit! www.neitherherenorthere-megan.blogspot.com

    OH! I almost forgot- saw that you miss Netflix. Check out this website: http://www.unblock-us.com/
    You pay about $5/month and it basically somehow gives you a US IP Address, so you can access websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc. LIFE CHANGER for me!


  9. Great photos!

  10. Stopping by from your Lost in Travels piece. I love your blog and all of the photos you include. Can't wait to read more!



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