Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Second Daddy's Day, Russell!

Daddy reading to Claudia (June 2009)
Daddy admiring newborn Claudia (April 2009)
Daddy & Claudia giving Eskimo kisses (January 2010)
Daddy giving Claudia a bottle (Easter 2010)
Happy Father's Day, Russell! First, let me start by saying that I wouldn't be able to do anything I do without you. You are the best husband and I appreciate you more than I tell you... so... THANK YOU! Second, you are an amazing daddy & have taken to this fatherhood thing like a fish to water. In this past year you have learned how to change diapers like a pro, make Claudia laugh when she is grumpy, coax Claudia to eat even while she was on hunger strikes, change the diaper genie in a minute flat, administer baby tylenol to a tight-lipped Claudia, make Oatmeal the Bear come to life when Claudia is fussy... the list goes on.... Claudia and I love you so very much. Thank you and happy second father's day!
Mommy & Claudia

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