Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Stuff

someone has been climbing the walls of our house...
... in an attempt to go outside & play...
So we headed over to Gram & Grandpa's to play
(note the ear tugging... ear infection #4?)
some of us rode bikes
That's my husband on my mother's Schwinn
while I put my peaches to good use!
With Russell's help of course!we put them on my LeCreuset grill pan
and then dunked them in vanilla ice cream
& covered with a brown sugar / butter / cinnamon glaze.
These are just some of the beautiful flowers at G&G's house.
Grandpa is responsible for making their gardens grow!
hello, happy sunflower!
three pretty pink ladies in a row
can't beat a beautiful rose
love orange. love it.

I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves here. Summer has kicked into high gear here in Houston. In other words, it feels like its hotter than the center of the sun down here & I'm melting. We braved the heat for an outdoor lunch on Saturday at Little Bigs in Montrose for sliders & shakes... mmmm. Surprisingly, Claudia would not eat the sliders, despite her love of hamburgers. Odd. But she loved the fries! Later I went to the Houston Garden Center to acquire our new plants for the backyard. The new patio furniture arrived and Russell assembled it. Phase I of my backyard project is complete. No pictures until we are done!

On Sunday we went to Gram & Grandpa's where we played indoors and out. Claudia played with her new Olivia doll, jumped on the floor pillows and inspected the flowers. By the end of the day she was not doing so hot... teething pains and what we suspect is another ear infection. She stayed home today with Gram and is already feeling better. Hopefully its just teething pain. Aside from that, it was another fun summer weekend!


  1. Um, yes, it. is. hot! Glad to see CC's starting to get around. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Thanks! She is feeling better already. =)


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