Friday, June 25, 2010

St. Arnold, Patron Saint of Brewers

running around the house... with an infant CPR manual
the brewery... they give you free tastes of their entire line
the giant vats of brew - all of which have fun names like
"St Elvis" and "St. Wenceslas"
this is only about half of the vats
tthe St. Arnold's bug. who doesn't LOVE bugs?!
sweet ride Its a Rolls, baby. A tie-dyed Rolls.
me with the owner of St. Arnold's. he was hilarious
Today I found myself wandering around the St. Arnold's brewery here in Houston in connection with a function we did for our summer law clerks. They were more than happy to leave the office at 2:30 to go taste test beers and I was content to join them. St. Arnold's is a great local beer outfit that has a wide range of funky (good funky) beers... Summer Pils is my favorite, but I'm also a fan of Lawnmower, Spring Bock & Elissa IPA. The brewery gives tours Monday through Saturday and man, that place is hoppin'. We toured the facilities, which was formerly owned by Houston Independent School District... they stored all their frozen foods there. The owner told us that when he first visited the place he decided his daughters would forever carry sack lunches. It was a great field trip and taste testing all the St. Arnold's beers was EXACTLY how I wanted to spend my afternoon (after my horrible Thursday I won't speak of).
In baby news, CC has really stepped up her vocab. This week she has said the following new ones: "donkey", "thanks", "done", "car keys"... the list goes on. We are very impressed. Aren't you?!


  1. ooo! looks like i need to make a trip to houston to visit my grandmother pretty soon!

  2. Yes, you must go to the brewery. It was so fun and everyone was so nice!


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