Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Unrelated.... but Funny Pics from Tonight

wagon ride hysteria
Snarling at Mommy during bedtime story...
Would you look at how long Daddy's legs are!
Claudia refusing to go to sleep

I wish I could tell you we had a productive weekend... but we didn't, we were pretty lazy around here. Its always nice to have one of those weekends. We had a crazy Saturday... Claudia had an allergic reaction to her latest antibiotic to fight her 4th ear infection (I think its tube time), which resulted in another trip to the Dr's office. Shortly thereafter, I managed to ingest some pine nuts at a baby shower & also had an allergic reaction. I rushed home, Russell stabbed me with the EpiPen & I spent the rest of the day in an epinephrine & Benadryl coma. It was awesome. Not exaggerating about the stabbing part... the needle didn't want to come out. On Sunday we had a play date with Jay, which was the most redeeming part of the weekend because Claudia had a blast. Here are some funny pics from tonight. She was in a funny mood. Tomorrow is water works day at Creme & Claudia's Creme-required "closed toe aquatic shoes" came in the mail today. Phew. She's all set for tomorrow!


  1. She looks like she is having too much fun in that wagon!

  2. The middle pic is really funny. It looks like Russell is really into the baby book and CC could care less. Maybe we should get Russell some books of his own! On another note, what was CC's allergic reaction? Jackson broke out in a TERRIBLE rash. IT was super scary. We need to talk about the ear infections!

  3. Oh my gosh, Claudia broke out into a horrible rash from the antibiotic too. It was all over, but mostly on her back. Horrible. We have to go back to the dr's office tomorrow for another unrelated scare from today. When we go, I'm going to also get a recommendation for an ENT. Call you later to discuss.


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