Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Wedding in the Big Easy

Let me start by saying "CONGRATS" to Ryan & Rachel Brooks! My dear, dear friend Rachel got hitched in New Orleans two weeks ago and I was so thrilled we could come over and that G&G could keep Boppers for the wedding weekend. Big thanks to G&G. The wedding was beautiful and New Orleans did not disappoint. I took too many pictures so I condensed them into collages. I am so thankful I got to see my dear friends Rachel, Andrea & Logan and I am so very happy for Rachel & Ryan!

Logan and I hit up Cafe Du Monde and the French Market.
We strolled along the Mississippi River and then to Jackson Square.
Then we met Andrea in the Quarter and went to
Rachel's bridal luncheon at the Court of Two Sisters.
The rehearsal dinner at Muriel's was a great party.
Andrea, Logan and I toasted our Golden Girl by reciting
"Thank You for Being a Friend" as our toast.
Funny enough, most of the room thought we wrote it.
We didn't correct anyone.
We went on trolley rides down St. Charles, ate at Camelia Grill,
got crawfish from Big Fisherman, found some Abita Strawberry,
shopped our way down Magazine Street, stalked pretty houses
on St. Charles, and waited forever at Hansen's Sno Bliz.
Wedding Night!
The wedding was at the Elms on St. Charles.
Rachel was beautiful. Ryan was dapper.
Sha'On and the Girls with Success kept everyone dancing.
Good times!

Congrats to Rachie and Ryan!


  1. I love the collages! What did you use to do that?? I love all the classi hits of the big easy!

  2. Several thoughts:

    1. What a fun group!! I don't think I've seen Logan since college. Looking at these pictures makes me miss him lots!

    2. I'm in love with the dress you wore to rehearsal dinner. In love.

  3. Meryl, thank you for sharing your dress info with me. I just ordered one for myself and hope it fits because I'm planning to wear it to an engagement party (Bratton's!!) on Friday!

    I also have concerns about being to pull it off as well as you do!


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