Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Program & Egg Redistribution

Claudia learned a very important lesson last Friday, which, coincidentally was tax day in the U.S. Claudia's Easter Program at school involved a performance by all the classes, including the Happy Hippos. It was the first time the Happy Hippos weren't relegated to the task of "sitting quietly and observing."
Things started out great.
Claudia's class filed into the auditorium and waited in quiet anticipation.
Then the Happy Hippos took the stage.
Then they all started screaming. And crying. And running.
After a few minutes of screaming, the Happy Hippos returned to their seats.
There they sat quietly and observed the remainder of the program.
The mood lightened considerably when the Easter Egg hunt began.
Claudia's class hunted eggs at a used tire shop behind the school.
Just kidding. They hunted eggs on the school's kiddy go-cart track.
Claudia, being the eager little American she is,
gathered every egg she could find. She was like a machine.
Here's the interesting part...
In five minutes she had collected nearly every egg. See this picture? Most of the other children picked up one or two eggs and ate them while Claudia worked her little tail off. And then all the eggs were collected from the children. Claudia's teacher redistributed all the eggs to the children in equal amounts. Claudia got M.A.D. Very socialist, huh? I told her we felt the same way when we paid our U.S. taxes.
The Easter petting zoo cheered her up though.
She liked the bunny the best.
She disliked the goose the worst.
We went home and ate her allotment candy.
And a little tinfoil.
Sweet thing can't wait for Easter Sunday.
No egg redistribution will be going down at this house.


  1. Haha, so cute! I am with CC, I woudn't want anyone taking all my eggs that I found either :)! Happy Easter to you guys!!

  2. Poor Claudia! I can't believe they took all her eggs. She worked so hard for them!

  3. Loving your humor!! Too funny. May sweet thing have all the eggs her heart desires on Easter!!

  4. That is hilarious about the eggs/taxes and C looks adorable as usual, loving the owl outfit and her curls are too stinking precious! I had a pt once with hair like that and I loved it. So one day I asked her, "Can I have some of your curls?" and she said "um, no, Miss Deni!". I asker her why and she gently pulled on one and said very indignantly, "Because... they're ATTACHED to me!".

  5. too funny! ahh the lessons learned abroad. Claudia will be grateful for the good old US of A when she keeps all her eggs at future easter egg hunts!


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