Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting a Hop on Things

The Easter Bunny treated us to an early egg hunt while we were in Houston! Last year Claudia didn't really hunt eggs. She rode around on Daddy's shoulders, chewed up a Cadbury Egg and spit it out on top of Daddy's head. This time went much better! She ran around Gram and Pawpaw's yard like a madwoman, snatching up eggs left and right. I think she'll be ready for round two come Easter!
The Easter Bunny left us this sweet guy.
The biggest egg I'd ever seen.
The hunt begins.
A lot of my pics wound up a little blurry. She was moving too fast!
Best discovery ever... the confetti egg.
She smashed them all over herself.
Gram helps Claudia sort through her goodies.
We didn't expect this one...she loved that Easter grass!
Bop cracked open every egg in search of treasures.
Some eggs didn't have treasures.
This didn't go over so great.
Gram and Bop had a blast opening the eggs.
Claudia also took breaks to help Pawpaw weed the flower beds.
Stomping through the yard, eggs in hand.
Claudia dyed these hard boiled beauties.
A good deal of the eggs got cracked.
Bop really put the mustard on it when dropping the eggs into the dye cups.
This was my favorite colored egg.
Gram mixed up some really pretty colors.
Gram's chicken egg plate were perfect for displaying our eggs.
Here's just some pics of the beautiful flowers growing at Gram and Pawpaw's.
Spring is here. Or there.
It's just about here too. =)


  1. Cuteness! I love her facial expressions, they are hilarious! I love the snapdragons too in the yard! I'm with C, I don't care for empty eggs either :)

    (P.S. I'm not on fb for lent, so I saw your message in my inbox, but couldn't respond there and don't have your email! So, email me and I'll give you my address,

  2. How sweet!! She is just so precious! Tell the Easter Bunny he better not leave her any empty eggs on Easter, :)!! Giver her hugs n kisses from her Aunt Ames! Lets Skype again this week!


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