Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PTI (Nothing to do with Tony or Wilbon)

Can you believe it? I haven't blogged or read any blogs in over a week - a new record for me. I love blogging & reading everyone's blogs - I'll definitely be catching up very soon. But I have a good excuse! In the past week, Claudia and I have travelled from Budapest, Hungary to Frankfurt, Germany to Houston, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana back to Houston and now we are in Shreveport, Louisiana! Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that one person in particular was missing Bop terribly and would really like to see her.... Daddy Boy Russ! He's taking care of business in Budapest. So, here you go!

Claudia is her usual sweet self. She's been playing with and eating sidewalk chalk. Nothing new.
She walks into anyone's house & makes herself at home.
Gathers and collects random objects.
Mostly candles and coasters.
She has taken an interest in golfing.
Well, mostly just pushing around her golf cart.
She also fills the cart with rocks.
She loves climbing the monkey bars.
She found a lady bug on her shoe!
She said "I love lady bugs and Phi Mu too!"
Well, maybe just the first part.
With proper training, the second part will follow.
Loves the slides. Likes hopscotch.
She's gone country.

Lots more Houston Rodeo pics to follow!
Bonnie - if you are reading - I'm so sorry I forgot to call!
You're probably better off... we spent 1.5 hours rodeoing
& 2 hours parking. What a mess.
She's into gardening.
... and catching butterflies in her net.
Technically, no butterflies have been caught.
Many have been scared.
None caught.
Look at her face. This is serious.
Overall, she has been the best travel companion.
She misses you too, Russell!

So, Claudia and I have been busy this week ... the Houston Rodeo, a New Orleans wedding, visiting a beautiful newborn baby (Baby Emerson Hayes McGraw!) and we have lots more to do before hopping the pond. Stay tuned!


  1. Her posture in that golf caddy picture is hilarious...

  2. So cute! Love all the spring pics. Glad you guys are having a good trip!

  3. If you have time while in Shreveport, send me a message! Would love to meet Claudia in person!

  4. So glad y'all are having a great time and seeing lots of family!!

  5. i don't know how you do all the traveling!!! I'm SOOO impressed! one day we'll all be trooper mom's like you!!! seriously, i'm SO impressed!


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