Monday, April 18, 2011

Woo Hoo! Claudia is Two!

Last week was sweet girl's birthday.
She loves owls so we did an owl themed party last weekend.
The bouncy castle was a hit with all the kids.
Even the little ones loved the slide.
They don't sell cupcakes here, so we rolled up our sleeves and made them.
Claudia smashed hers up pretty good.
The bubbles and bouncy house made her day.
Here she is concentrating on her birthday wish.
Cake demolition.
Wish fulfilled.
Family photo.
I would have pulled that icing covered finger out of her mouth,
but this how the next half hour went.
And that's what needs to be documented.
Here is Claudia watching Sleeping Beauty with Daddy after the party.
For her birthday dinner, we took her to her favorite restaurant for pasta.
Mama Kate & Grandaddy... Claudia loved her b-day dress.
She even wanted to sleep in it. =)
Here's some of Claudia and her favorite gifts.
Claudia loves to cook in her pretend kitchen.
Now she can cook in her personalized chef hat and apron.
Ripping off the wrappings.
She loved her musical instruments!
Beautiful shakers... wooden... thoroughly entertaining... slightly dangerous.
And her favorite... the tricycle!She even loved her helmet!
It's a ladybug.

Claudia, it's hard to imagine that you're already two. You are our very special girl and we are thankful for all the joy you bring into this world. You are healthy, happy and you love everyone.

Here are some fun & funny facts about ya:
  • You laugh so hard that strangers often approach me and ask if you are ok.
  • You love to read. Your favorite books are anything Seuss and Rolie Polie Olie by Bill Joyce (Shreveport author!)
  • You can say anything and often speak in full sentences. Yesterday you asked a stranger in the elevator "Remember me? I didn't think so. I'm Daddy's favorite." No clue where this came from.
  • Your favorite song is "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. You ask for it by name and sing it around the house.
  • You talk in your sleep. At school you often sleep in your own room because sleep talking wakes up the rest of your class. =)
  • Your favorite cartoon is Olivia. It's about a little pig who loves everything red.
  • You love to travel - cars, planes, trains, airplanes. You are Mommy's perfect little travel companion.
  • You are happiest when you are outside. You like to slide, swing, play chase and hide and seek.
  • You love your kitchen and to cook pretend food. We're still working on getting you to like real food.
  • We don't brush your hair! It is super curly and grows up and out. It is beautiful and we love to curl your hair around our fingers.
  • You are beautiful on the inside and out.
  • You mean the world to us and we are thankful to God for blessing us with you.

xoxo, Mommy & Daddy


  1. Oh my goodness she is precious! And loves to travel? I'm jealous! Sophie hates it :)
    Happy Birthday Claudia! How cool to spend your 2nd birthday in Budapest! Such neat memories you'll get to share with her when she's older. I'm so grateful for the internet and blogs that we can document it so others can see!

  2. So super cute! I got your sweet package! Love it and will post it soon to Miss Cala's blog! Please send me your address. I deleted the emails we had without saving your email address--baby brain strikes again!

    Happy Birthday Miss Claudia, you are too stinking cute!!!

  3. Love you sweet CC and Happy Birthday!! I can't wait to see you again!!

  4. I can't believe she is 2! She is just beautiful Meryl. It looks like yall have been having lots of fun! I miss yall!

    Happy Birthday to your little lady bug!

  5. I love the little notes about Claudia! That is such a thoughtful thing to document her milestones for her to read years down the road! You are constantly coming up with creative things Ms. Meryl!! I am impressed, as always!


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