Friday, April 8, 2011

More of Louisiana... the North This Time.

While we were stateside we managed to squeeze in two Louisiana trips... one to New Orleans and another to Shreveport & Cloutierville. Claudia was thrilled to see Memaw and very excited to see Memaw's neighbors who live across the street...
These gals were excited to see us too, apparently.
We were fast friends.
These guys were pretty as a picture.
So I took a picture.
I think I counted about 40 horses.
Claudia wanted to ride them all.
But we had ice cream sandwiches to eat,
so we crossed the street to Memaw's.
I've never seen a sign like this, but, lucky for us,
it actually makes some people slow down.
Memaw is the best. She had Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches.
It made this girl very, very happy.
It also made her really happy that Memaw lets her play piano...
...with her feet.
On the way back from Memaw's we popped down to Cloutierville.
Claudia got to play with Miss Molly.
There were lots more action shots.
This was the only on in focus. =)
And I got to catch up with my dear, dear Avery at the crawfish farm.
It was a quick, but special trip to North Louisiana.

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