Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tractor Rides, a Zoo Trip and a Very Special Birthday

Why is she so happy, you wonder?
She's driving a miniature John Deere tractor.
Who wouldn't be smiling?
Audrey got it for Christmas and let Claudia ride it around the lawn.
Here's what happened when Claudia saw Audrey.
She ran, gave Audrey a big neck hug & they both bit the dust.
When's the last time you've been that happy to see anyone?
Can't beat a wagon ride.
Claudia's making her "Indian cry" - not yawning.
No yawning at this playdate.
Audrey loves her tractor.
How cute is this thing?!
Mommy & Bop going into the zoo
the reflection pool at the zoo
It was the one spot not crawling with a zillion kids.
the Lemurs - one of Bop's favorites
staring at lemurs
enjoying some other primates
Daddyboy & Bop checking out a sleeping bear
Bop screaming "touch! touch!" while pointing to the elephants
I'm pretty sure the zoo staff frowns on hoisting your kid over the barriers too.
staring at the lion.
The lion's name was Jonathan. Quirky, huh?
the closest she got to touching any zoo animal
helping Aunt T blow out the candles
Happy birthday, Aunt T!
We love you!

Yesterday Claudia was reunited with Audrey. It went really well! Claudia clearly remembered Audrey and Audrey was pretty happy to see Claudia. Phew. Still on track to be BF(s)F. Today we took a family outing to the Houston Zoo. It was pretty different from the Budapest Zoo. For example, the Houston Zoo staff seemed very concerned about patrons not feeding the animals. This is not an issue at the Budapest Zoo. This may be why the animals in Budapest will snatch crackers out of your hand while you're not paying attention. Remember Jerry? We wrapped the day with a birthday partay for Aunt T. We couldn't be more thrilled that she has moved to Houston. Well, we might be even more thrilled if we still lived here. =) That said, we had a great time celebrating Aunt T's birthday. Especially Claudia, who got to eat some cake, her favorite food ever.

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