Sunday, October 17, 2010


not an attraction, they just freely roam the zoo.
look close - baby gorilla dangling from branch.
He was adorable.
the friendly silverback.
I'm not including picks of the scary one.
He was swinging all over the place,
freaking Claudia out.
Kodiak (?) bear, taking a swim
ok, now for Claudia's favorite...
oh, hello there, Jerry.
You're looking well today.
Oh, Jerry, too close
NOTE: I have the iphone and Bop in left hand &
a cracker in right hand. Thank goodness Jerry
went after the right hand.
She also loved the zebras
Hungry hungry hippos
We marveled at all the sleeping flamingos.
Apparently the sleep standing up, on one leg,
with their heads resting on their backs.
a slightly more conventional way of sleeping
a stuffed Jerry the Giraffe to commemorate the trip

On Friday, I took Claudia to the zoo with some of her new friends... Carston, whose family moved here from the Netherlands, and William, Cade and Chelsea who are all here from Houston. The zoo was beautiful and had great animals. Claudia had fun seeing the animals. Some made her laugh (the giraffe), some confused her (the flamingos), some freightened her (the silverback gorilla) and some delighted her (the baby gorilla). All the kids had a great time. The zoo is in City Park, so it is just 15 mintues away from our apartment. We will definitely have to go back one day when Daddy isn't working.


  1. Looks like C had a great time. So glad you guys are making friends.

  2. I knew it wouldn't take long to find friends! I'm so happy for you! Playdates! You've entered the world of stay at home moms! I'm jealous! It looks like CC had a great time! So happy!


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