Saturday, December 18, 2010

McLendon Christmas Card and Jhirmichael

Merry Christmas!
I've got to give credit to Don Echols for the picture.
He took some awesome pics of the us before we moved.
You're awesome, Don!
Now, meet Jhirmichael.
He's our Elf on the Shelf.
Claudia definitely takes the book seriously...
Here he is for Claudia's first Christmas in Louisiana with Mama Kate & Grandaddy.
Look closely, he's hiding on Grandaddy's shoulder.
Speaking of Grandaddy, he recently harvested his biggest buck while in Kansas. Look!
His score was 171 and 3/8!
I don't know what that means. But its good.
Back to Jhirmichael. Here he is cuddling with Winston.
... and helping with the gingerbread house!
He's so helpful!

I'm a little slow with the Christmas cards this year. Chances are you wont get it in the mail until after Christmas... maybe some time mid January. I underestimated how long it takes to mail things from Budapest. And we've been snowed in. And lastly, and most significantly, I'm really lazy and have been procrastinating. In other news, I'd like to introduce you to Jhirmichael. He's our Elf on the Shelf. In case you don't know about the Elf on the Shelf (I didn't until last year), it's a book by Carol Aebersold & Chandra Bell (mother & daughter team) & it's about having a little elf come visit you. The elf comes with the book and reports everthing back to Santa about all things naughty & nice you've done. You name your elf and he hides around your house, somewhere different everyday. It's a fun little tradition we started last year when Mama Kate gave him to Claudia. As you can see, our elf Jhirmichael has made himself at home. Hopefully he has lots of good things to report to Santa.
Also, if you'd like a Christmas card, but I haven't sent one in the past, message me & I'll add you to my list. I predict you'll get your card mid 2011, but you will get it. =)


  1. very cute card! i bought our elf today to start next year. i didn't think o would get it this year... hope it works as well as everyone has led me to believe!

  2. I think Russell & I get a bigger kick out of the elf than Claudia. I agree - maybe next year they will get it. =)

  3. Where did yall come up with the name?! Ha!

  4. On the name... it's pretty convoluted... it's the name of the car salesman who sold my Memaw her car last year before Christmas. Pretty silly. =)


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