Thursday, December 16, 2010

Claudia's Christmas Performance

I can't remember what we were singing, but it was a song we don't do in the states.
Claudia and I just smiled & mouthed our way through it.
Daddy arrived and started taking pics. It took Claudia 5 seconds to find him.
This picture is funny for another reason.
See the guy behind me, focused on filming the performance?
That's Sander's dad. Where's Sander?
He's the one coloring at the table about 2 feet from his dad... nowhere near the performance.
Claudia putting her reindeer hat on.
Claudia telling Daddy why she likes happy face stickers so much.
Bop doing arts & crafts with Miss Reka (her all time favorite teacher).
My heart filled with pride when Claudia presented me with these goodies she had made.
... then I thought my heart was going to burst when I saw this.
It's her class room newsletter! She's a "very good example[]"!
Claudia, we are SO proud!

What's better than going to your toddler's daycare Christmas performance? Nothing! We didn't know what to expect. Usually the daycare assemblies ask that Claudia's class (the youngest group) "sit quietly and observe." Seriously, they put that in the programs for the assemblies. So we were pleasantly surprised when they all sang songs, did art and gave us gifts. Then I almost cried when I read this newsletter excerpt! It was the icing on the cake. Well done, Bop!

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  1. All these "firsts" are so fun. Great job Claudia!!


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