Thursday, December 9, 2010

European Medicine and a Mummification

When we got back from Vienna, we noticed a little of this going on.
It turned into a lot of nose running and rubbing and horrible coughing.
Then we got word from Claudia's teachers that two kiddos in her class have pneumonia.
We went to our new Hungarian pediatrician.
Bop has an upper respiratory infection.
We were sent home with this array of meds.
You'll notice no antibiotics were prescribed.
Apparently you have to be on death's door to get those around here.
Why is this child so happy, you ask?
He's about to have all his snot sucked out by that apparatus.
... after his mom hooks it up to a vacuum cleaner.
Not joking.
I have a friend here who did it & apparently it works.
In unrelated news... Bop mummified herself.
This was several weeks ago in the hotel... I had forgotten to share. =)
I suspect this is the same technique used by the ancient Egyptians.
just getting warmed up
Tut lives!
I love my mummy.

To my knowledge, the upper respiratory infection and the mummification have nothing to do with one another. Claudia has been using her Euromeds for one day now and I believe we are seeing some improvement. Nevertheless, we are staying indoors for the next few days. Hopefully we will have some positive developments to report in the coming days. Maybe say a little prayer for the mummy so that she will be healthy for next week!


  1. That is so something Olivia would do! I hope Claudia is feeling better!

  2. A vacuum cleaner!!!! Really?? This makes me very nervous.

  3. Thanks, Ava. Stephanie, I'll do a follow up and let you know if it works. I've heard of only a few children having their brains sucked out. =)

  4. Precious pics and I hope Claudia is feeling better now!!

  5. funny you mention the vaccuum cleaner - i used to read the blog of a family that lived over your way (he worked for an oil co too) and they used this device. she broght lots home to the states to give to friends! let me know how it goes; i may get you to send me one!! :)

  6. ya'll look like y'all are having so much fun over there!

  7. Thanks, y'all... I will post the result of the suctioning. =)

  8. sorry she is sick! hope she is doing better. so glad you got the snot vacuum - i seriously love it. miss you guys!


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