Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trinkets and Significant Things

Claudia's tree and ornaments... the trinkets
Claudia's special blanket... the significant thing
trimming the tree with her blankie
Bop doesn't carry her blankie so much as she wears it.
inspecting her "Baby's First Ornament" from Aunt Daina
Daddy & I got this little glass tree on an excusion in Murano a few years back.
Murano is a tiny island famous for glass & is a 15 minute boat ride from Venice.
Bop loves it so it's her's now.
Maybe this trinket will be something significant to her later... unless she destroys it first.
Claudia's ornament for 2010... Austrian Empress Sisi
I give it about a week before Sisi's delicate hands are snapped off.

Last year I decided Claudia might appreciate the tradition of having her own little tree. Its a little pink Christmas tree I found at Garden Ridge in Houston ... for $19! Its even pre-lit. She's been given a few ornaments in her first year, so she has a few trinkets with which to trim her tree. Last year, Claudia just observed the tree trimming. This year she helped decorate the tree. I plan on getting her a new ornament every year. See that little blanket Claudia is sporting in the pics? This blanket belonged to Russell's cousin Kristy. It was made for Kristy by Russell's mother, Linda. Kristy wanted to Claudia to have the blanket so she could have something made by Russell's mom. Claudia loves this little blanket. She wears it like a cape! Maybe that will be a new tradition... trimming the tree in her special blankie.


  1. I love the pink tree! That's a precious idea. Growing up, we always got a new ornament each year. I want to continue that tradition with my kids one day. And that reminds me, I need to get my ornaments from my parents house.

  2. Big fan of the pink girlie tree! I may steal this idea when I have a little girl!!! Claudia is soo pretty!

  3. Precious tree....thinking I might need to do one of those next year!!

  4. Glad y'all like the tree... I knew my Phi Mu's would love it as much as CC does. =)


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