Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Things to Do While Snowed In

Sorry, Bop... you are sick. It's snowing. You're stuck inside.
Because her appetite returned, we baked and let her eat her weight in muffins.
Here she is shoving Muffin No. 6 in her mouth.
We read Elf on the Shelf & hid Ghermichael.
Ghermichael is Claudia's elf... formal introduction to follow.
Claudia helped Daddy assemble a table and chair set.
We wore pajamas all day today... well, Claudia wore half of hers.
Daddy gets a kiss for his hard work.
Yes, he's wearing safety glasses.
Assembling Ikea furniture is dangerous.
Bop smiling at Daddy
We made a gingerbread house.
Ta da!
Nothing fancy, but CC was proud.
And hungry. Look at that little tongue sticking out.
It wasn't long before she started eating the house.
The marshmallow bits were her favorite.

We weren't really snowed in, but it snowed a lot and we stayed in. We kept busy. Russell assembled a kiddy table and chair set for Claudia. I have big plans for this set! I'm going to paint that sucker, so just wait for some before and after pics. Claudia made and ate a gingerbread house. We read lots of books and made lots of messes. Now its Sunday night and the snow is finally melting!


  1. those safety glasses crack me up. no wonder he and bill are friends. my husband would do the same...i can hear him now, "safety first!"

  2. haha! Russell asked me to clarify that he was just wearing the safety glasses for fun. I'm not sure which is lamer... wearing the glasses for fun or for safety. Either way, I'm sure this caveat is not what he wants to hear. =)

  3. but see, now it's ok if any of his employees find the blog. He can really preach safety this way.

  4. Claudia is absolutely adorable Meryl. Such a little cutie pie! I love the fun Christmas activities yall are doing and I look forward to doing them with my little Boston. I'm loving the pictures of all of the places yall are visiting. What an awesome experience! Very cute Christmas card too! XOXO


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