Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!

not sure why Claudia looks so grumpy
I was sporting this same face at about 10:30, my usual bedtime.

A 2010 Lesson Learned:
A true friend notices when your lips are chapped and
will help you apply chapstick.

Ah, here I am dispensing fireworks to toddlers.

Audrey & Claudia liked the sparklers, but we had to be very careful.
As you can see, we are playing with the sparklers over a thick bed of pine straw.
It was windy too. Optimal conditions for fireworks.
Dare I say it again?  Brilliant!

Here are a few pics from new year's eve.  Russell left to go back to Budapest on January 1st, so hats off to Daddyboy for staying up until midnight, flying across the Atlantic the next day and then going to work the day after that.   Well done, Russ.  We had a great new year's eve with the McGraws and the Echols.  The best thing about good friends is that when you are together, its like no time has passed since the last visit.  So we celebrated the end of 2010 toasting to dear friends and looking forward to what 2011 has in store.  And then we ate lots of cabbage & black eyed peas the next day.  Happy 2011!

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