Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Screwball: Claudia's First Ice Cream Man Purchase

waiting for ice cream, drool running down chin
Gram arrives... happy day!
reading with Gram
ok, ice cream time!
very curious
her selection? the Two-Ball Screwball. Good choice.
Mmmm... good.

Technically, it will be fall in about a week or two. In Houston, however, summer pretty much extends into November. Hence, business is still booming for the local ice cream men. On Saturday, Gram and I spent the day conducting a required top to bottom inventory of the contents of the house. Claudia helped. It was tedious and I now have the desire to live much more simply. Luckily, a trip from the ice cream man broke up the monotony of the day! Here are some pictures of Claudia enjoying her first ice cream from our local ice cream man. She selected the Two Ball Screwball, which is a pink sherbert ice cream with two little balls of bubble gum, all in a little cup. She loved it! However, the word "screwball" has now been added to her vocabulary. So now, if you hear her saying "skewba! skewba!" you know its ice cream she speaks of.

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