Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Russell's Birthday & Budapest

Happy birthday, Rusty!
Claudia helps Daddy blow out candles & make a wish.
Sorry, Bop. Not your best angle, but a funny pic none the less.
Claudia's first flight went great.
She's watching Olivia on DVD in this pic, right before takeoff.
Too busy to pose for a picture.

We have safely arrived in Budapest! Before we left we celebrated Russell's birthday at Gram & Grandpa's. Today is Russell's birthday and he is working away. Happy birthday, Russell!! The flight over went smoothly for the most part. We momentarily lost our stroller at the layover stop in Germany, but it arrived in Budapest the next day. Claudia did excellent on the flight. She only cried a little bit during the first takeoff from Houston. She had never flown before, so we were pretty worried about taking her overseas. She ended up sleeping the entire way over, so it couldn't have gone any better.
So far we are set up in our interim living quarters in the city. I miss our house and Houston, but am enjoying house hunting in Hungary. We saw three houses this morning and will see about five more this afternoon after Claudia's nap. I really liked the first house, so we'll have to see about the next ones. Everything is going great so far. Keep you posted on which house we pick & I'll post some pics too!

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