Saturday, September 4, 2010

House Hunters: Hungary Episode

city dwelling
more city dwelling
appartment skirting the city
getting to the country
Hello country living!
Those are antlers you see adorning the window of this gem!
District 2... its a burb, very close to the city, & you get a house & a yard
District 2-A... long commute, but giant houses (think The Woodlands)
Another drawback (besides the commute): all the houses are on a hill &
the garage is at the bottom of the hill.
I'd be schlepping groceries and Bop 2 flights from garage to house.
Not happening.
If you do chose to live "in the hills" - you get amazing view of the city
And nice big yards, or as they call them "gardens."
I can see Claudia playing here!
Again... we currently have a 10'x10' backyard.
I dream of a yard like this
Another hit or miss amenity... the kitchen.
This would be a nice kitchen.
and this one too.
I'm not going to show you some of the bad kitchens.
Their too depressing. But here's a weird thing.
They put the laundry machines IN THE KITCHEN.
Plus - no dryers. Apparently they hang dry their clothes in Hungary.
Ok, this is one of the more bizarre houses.
It's in the hills & I'm pretty sure it serves dual role as a house-windmill.
Bizarre fact: Hungarians like to build spas in their houses.
Here's a lap pool in somone's basement. Weird.
The epitome of weird: a spa in the living room.
Sold! We'll take it!

Sorry, I should have posted this much much sooner. Russell arrived in Hungary safely and is enjoying his new job. He says that it is a bit of a culture difference (both in and out of the office), but that everything is going well. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we MISS him SO MUCH. Today our Daddyboy is house hunting, Hungary style. Sorry, these pics aren't the best. I got them from the listings that the Hungarian realtor circulated to us. These are some of the places Russell is looking at today in Budapest. Some are from the city, some from the country. These will be some of the biggest decisions... do we remain urban city dwellers or do we move to the burbs? Do we live on the "Buda" or the "Pest" side? Do we want to live in the hills or in a flat in the city? So many decisions. We'll let you know where we land.

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  1. So much fun! All of those places look amazing. You guys are going to have so much fun.


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