Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Puff / Shoe Gal

Puffy McLendon
Puffy on the move
Puffy too hot... take this off!
I guess this is a universal toddler thing...
but she LOVES to wear grownup shoes.
She raided Aunt Debbie's closet last Friday.
Too funny.

We've received some advice that Budapest winters are pretty intolerable. We were further advised that we should invest in some winter clothes for Claudia. I ordered a few... a little fleece coverall, a down puffy coverall (shown above), several jackets, some hats and mittens. I hope we're set. Other random stuff I was told to buy over here (because Hungary doesn't have it): bed sheets - because the beds there are irregularly shaped - ziplock bags, shoes - because they're really expensive there, and books in English. Besides buying supplies, we have enlisted a realtor here and retained a realtor there (hopefully Russell will send me some pics of the houses he's looking at this weekend and I'll post them - they should be... interesting....), we have had our house inventoried (apparently all our stuff WILL fit in a 40' cargo space) and I'm in the process of getting the house appraised. Fun, fun, fun! In the mean time, we are REALLY missing Russell. We can't wait for him to come home.


  1. LOL. She is too cute, looks like she'll enjoy those Budapest winters.

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I have to say it was the funniest thing putting her in these winter get ups.


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