Sunday, September 5, 2010

Game Time!

Here's some chapstick, Aunt Debbie. Your lips look dry.
Clap your hands! It's game time!
Nevermind about the games, it's pillow toss time!
That was fun!
Do it again!!
Look! I found another tiger down the street from us!

With Russell being away, the fact that college football was starting completely escaped me. We usually have Mike & Mike on in the morning and PTI on in the evenings, so I'm typically aware of what's going on in the wide world of sports . But yesterday, when Aunt Debbie and Matthew invited us over for "the game", I had to think a second. Oh, yes, the LSU game. College football time. Wow, that came fast. I guess with that and tomorrow being Labor Day, summer is officially over. And that's fine with me! I welcome fall! The game had all the makings of a good one. Two forced turnovers within the first few minutes... a touchdown off a kickoff return, etc., etc. Who would have known the 4th quarter would be such a bust. But... a W is a W! Go tigers! Also, go Bulldogs! La Tech stomped Grambling. I'd say it was a good day in Louisiana, but not so much for the Grambling Tigers. Oh well, such is life. Claudia had more fun playing "pillow toss" on Aunt Debbie's bed than watching any of these games. Her new favorite activity is applying chapstick to everyone's lips. She's so considerate. =)


  1. Claudia looks different! I need to get home before she changes any more!

  2. Oh, honey, she's the same... her hair is just a little more wild cause I haven't washed it in a few days. Hurry home, though. =)


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