Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick Trip to the Port City

Memaw and Claudia playing with dominos
sweet cheeks
Bop telling Memaw about something v. important.
Just a small part of Memaw's front yard.
I have lawn envy. Our "backyard" is 10' x 10' on a good day.
watering the plants
I love you Bop... even watering plants is funny with you!
Daddy giving Claudia some kind of lecture.
We had a few "behavior issues" at Creme last Friday.
Apparently Claudia got a little bite happy.
So much for "Miss Manners" =)
Claudia telling Daddy her side & giving a lecture of her own, I suppose.

This weekend Russell and I made an all too quick trip to Shreveport to visit Memaw and my dearest old roomies, Amy and Carla, from Louisiana Tech. I met Amy and Carla up at Painting with a Twist ("PWAT")to do some painting and drinking... its painting with libations on the side... or the inverse... whatever your pleasure. PWAT is owned by Jean Beauclair, also a Phi Mu from La Tech. Business is doing great, so hats off to Jean! Of course I forgot to bring my camera to PWAT... and of course, I forgot my painting at Memaw's in Shreveport. I'm poatching Facebook & when my dear lil' sis Ames posts her pics, I shall pirate them & put them on my blog. Thanks in advance, Amy. =)

The trip was wonderful because we got to visit with Amy and Carla and I got to spend some QT with my Memaw. Claudia loves running around Memaw's house. Lots of open space, carpet and cushions. Her yard is also spacious and has lots of cushy grass. She also loves to bang around on Memaw's baby grand. None of these things exist at our house. =) Except the cushions. Oh how she loves cushion mountains. I'll save that topic for another blog entry.


  1. I like the lectures. We tried that . . . once. Jackson actually thinks the word "no" is hilarious. Uh oh! We are in for it. Looks like your Russell is, too. Not so sure Bop was taking him seriously!

  2. Ha! She was definitely NOT taking him seriously. Claudia also thinks the word "no" is funny... she just says "no, no, no!" in the sweetest little voice. We have to cover our smiles up and pretend to be stern. We, as well, are in for it, as you say. =)


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