Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're Moving... to Budapest!

This has been a long awaited blog post for me, as I've been sitting on this news for about a week. We've tried to tell everyone in person or over the phone, but if this is the first you've heard... SURPRISE!! We are moving to Budapest! In a few weeks! We're selling our house and cars & putting our stuff in storage and moving across the world! For the next couple of years!!

Exxon offered Russell an excellent expat assignment in Budapest and we just couldn't turn it down. Russell will be leaving the last week of August and Claudia and I will go mid September. We're nervous about the transition, but Exxon provides support for closing up shop here and setting up shop there, so I'm trying to take it one step at a time.

We are definitely going to miss everyone, painfully so, but I must emphasize that we will be back every 4 months to visit and the Bop & I will be staying 2 - 3 weeks at a time when we come back. Now, "what about this Budapest place?!" you ask. Let me tell you (because I didn't know much about it)... Budapest is one of the most beautiful and well preserved cities in Europe. Google it and see! I'll be posting with more updates as the moving process unfolds. Wish us luck!!

Audrey to Claudia: I'm going to miss you so much.

Claudia to Audrey: Miss me? What are you talking about?

Audrey to Claudia: You know, when you move. Didn't your Mommy & Daddy tell you?
Claudia to Mommy & Daddy: We're moving?!
Claudia to Audrey: Yes, I will miss you too, Audrey.
(this is my take on these funny little interactions)
Claudia loves her Audrey... good thing we'll be back to visit.
Audrey took the news very well...
Claudia was a little grumpy initially, but is very excited now. =)
Audrey gives a high five!
Don, always a favorite with the ladies
Hugs with friends on Saturday as we shared our news


  1. This is kind of shocking! Not that you are moving, but where you are moving to. It sounds like you are very excited so I am excited for ya'll. Russell and I moved 5 times since we were married and every move was so worth it. I think things are just meant to be. Sorry we have been playing phone tag. My blackberry dies yesterday and took all my contacts with it. Please, please e-mail me your new number! Yeah, to you!!!

  2. omg! that's so exciting! what an adventure!

  3. That's so exciting but still can't believe y'all are moving! You better be blogging everyday so I can see through your eyes what its like over there! haha...

  4. Um, my mouth is still on the floor! Wow, was not expecting that news when I clicked on your blog! But I am happy and excited for yall! You've got to put more details simply because I am just nosy :) I CAN NOT WAIT for future posts with your family's adventures in Budapest!! Congrats!

  5. Thanks! We are SO excited! I will definitely be posting more details soon. =)

  6. Oh my goodness Meryl! That is some news! It sounds like a very exciting new adventure. I look forward to updates from yall. Good luck on all the transitioning. Let me know if you come back to S-port so I can see you before the big move!

  7. Crazy!!! Budapest of all places! Sounds like an amazing adventure, and it's great that Exxon is helping with the transition. I wouldn't even know where to start with moving around the world! I wish you guys the best!

  8. Thanks! I will definitely post more news soon. =)

  9. I am so excited for you guys! It's going to be a wonderful experience, I'm sure. We will miss you. Let us know if you need help with anything as the time to move draws near. And what is up with that last pic you posted of me? Yuck!

  10. I'm sorry Kelly! You do look super surprised in that pic. =)


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