Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 Month Checkup

after the tongue & throat inspection,
Claudia showed off her pincer grasping skills with the tongue depresser.
Ta da!
All smiles ... at least until it was time for shots.

...oops, we actually missed 15 months. I guess its the sign of a good pediatrician when you call for a "well appointment" and there's a six week wait. So it goes. We just took our nearly 16 month old baby in for her 15 month appointment and everything is looking great! Claudia weighs 23 lbs, 3 oz (50th percentile), is 31 1/2 inches tall (50 - 75th percentile) and has a head circumference of 19 inches (95th percentile!) For the past year, Claudia's beautiful bald head is consistently the biggest thing about her. It has to accomodate that growing brain! One downer about the appointment: Claudia really sounded off when she saw Dr. Ho. She remembers him now as the man who digs wax out of her ears to inspect them when they get infected... and this is simply unforgiveable. The 3 shots were also a sour note, but she rebounded beautifully and was running and laughing once we got home. Oh Claudia, you are getting so big!

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  1. ok, i've been wondering this - does claudia's daycare have uniforms? if so, that's the best idea i've ever heard!


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